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Chinese students in the UK have been targeted by Chinese-speaking scammers for over a year. red sey (aka Red Thief).

“RedZei scammers carefully selected and researched their targets and found it to be a wealthy victim group ripe for exploitation,” said cybersecurity researcher Will Thomas (@BushidoToken). Said In an article published last week.

The most notable aspect of the operation is the steps taken by the threat actor to circumvent the steps taken by the user to prevent fraudulent calls. Render phone number-based phone numbers with new pay-as-you-go UK phone numbers for each wave. Blocking disabled.

Thomas pointed to the meticulous tactics employed by the scammers, in which the attackers alternated SIMs from multiple mobile carriers such as Three, O2, EE, Tesco Mobile and Telia. said there is.

The lucrative RedZei campaign may have started in August 2019, according to a report by The Guardian. Refinement A visa scam that tricked Chinese students into paying huge sums of money to avoid deportation.

RedZei Chinese Scammer

The trick is to call potential targets once or twice a month from a unique UK phone number and leave an “abnormal” automated voicemail if they don’t answer the call.

voicemail impersonate Companies like the Bank of China and China Mobile, as well as the Chinese embassy, ​​are socially engineering students into sharing personal information.

“Other themes utilized by RedZei include ‘abnormal use of NHS numbers’ and international parcels delivered by DHL, both of which are common concerns for Chinese students studying in the UK. It’s a matter of course,” said Thomas.

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