Those looking to grab a bite to eat in the UK earlier this week may have noticed that the options on the High Street are more limited than usual.

About 300 fast food restaurants, including KFC and Pizza Hut branches, were forced to close following a ransomware attack on parent company Yum! brand.

so Statement dated January 18, 2023, Hmmm! has confirmed that an unnamed ransomware has affected parts of its IT infrastructure and data has been stolen from servers by hackers.

However, although an investigation into the security breach continues, the company said it has seen no evidence that customer details have been exposed.

“We are actively working to fully restore the affected systems and expect it to be largely complete in the next few days. Data has been retrieved from our network and an investigation is ongoing, but At this stage, there is no evidence that the customer database has been restored.It has been stolen.”

It’s not clear from the parent company’s statement, but UK branches of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell may have closed for a day at Yum!’s claims. As a precaution, the scale of the violation was investigated.

Hmmm! After detecting the attack, it said it deployed “containment measures, including taking certain systems offline and implementing enhanced monitoring techniques,” and affected restaurants returned to normal operations.

What has not yet been made public, and may not even be known to those investigating the breach, is how long the hacker had access to the company’s IT infrastructure and how long the hacker had access to. How did you get access to what you were supposed to have? secure system.

Hmmm! It also did not disclose whether it received a ransom demand from the attackers, how much it would be, and whether it was willing to negotiate with the extortionists.

On the face of it, the companies behind brands like KFC and Pizza Hut could make delicious snacks for malicious hackers hungry to feast on another ransomware victim. Hmmm! Worldwide, he operates 53,000 restaurants with annual net income of $1.3 billion.



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