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PureDome provides a safe, fast, and reliable solution to secure and protect your business network. Seamless deployment makes it easy to scale your corporate network without sacrificing performance.

By consolidating key aspects of user roles such as secure remote access, data access control, and team management into a unified cloud platform, PureDome helps enterprises centralize operations and simplify management of their network infrastructure. to

Strengthen your network security
PureDome is a secure connectivity solution designed to enhance your company’s network security. Streamline access management and ensure only authorized team members have access to company assets.

PureDome uses multiple tunneling protocols, including the latest and most secure Wireguard, to protect sensitive data and improve business efficiency by simplifying management.

Military-grade 256-bit AES encryption technology built into these protocols provides strong protection for your data. PureDome offers a comprehensive solution for secure business networks while optimizing management processes.

Easy and seamless deployment
It’s an easy-to-use solution with a centralized dashboard that streamlines tasks such as managing team members, organizing, assigning teams to specific gateways, and managing licenses with just a few clicks.

With PureDome, you can provision gateways in up to 20 locations worldwide in 10 minutes, minimizing gateway provisioning latency and easily scaling as your team and business grow.

PureDome provides a central billing management platform that simplifies billing and invoicing processes for all licenses. It allows organizations to easily manage all gateway licenses and user accounts from a single dashboard, eliminating the need to create separate accounts for individual members and teams.

Additionally, in the event of a potential security breach, PureDome provides additional security by allowing organizations to centrally and instantly revoke user access without affecting assets not exposed on the Internet. Provides a layer of protection. This feature ensures sensitive information is protected from security threats and allows businesses to take immediate action to prevent potential breaches.

Enjoy intuitive applications for leading desktop and mobile operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Dedicated apps for each operating system and manual connectivity make it easy for your team to work on whatever device they’re using.

A security solution you can trust
PureDome offers robust security features that help businesses protect their networks from cyberthreats. One of the key security features is a secure web gateway that acts as a barrier between the internet and your internal network.

Our gateways allow authorized users to securely access authorized organizational assets. This streamlined process improves accessibility while maintaining security. It also provides compliance logs that administrators can use to identify potential anomalies, ensuring security measures are always effective.

In addition, PureDome provides secure remote access, allowing authorized users to securely connect to your company’s network from anywhere. Additionally, PureDome offers his round-the-clock support, ensuring businesses have access to expert assistance whenever they need it.

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