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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency within the Department of Commerce, announced On Thursday, we announced the official retirement of the SHA-1 encryption algorithm.

SHA-1which stands for Secure Hash Algorithm 1 and is 27 years old hash function used in cryptography and since Considered broken because there is a risk of collision attack.

Although hashing is designed to be irreversible, it should be impossible to reconstruct the original message from the fixed-length ciphertext, whereas SHA-1 is not collision-resistant. , I was able to generate the same hash value for two different inputs.

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In February 2017, a group of researchers from CWI Amsterdam and Google disclosed This is the first practical technique for generating collisions in SHA-1 and effectively undermines the security of the algorithm.

“For example, creating two colliding PDF files as two rental agreements with different rents to trick someone into signing a low rent agreement to create a valid signature for a high rent agreement. You can.” Researcher Said at the time.

Cryptanalysis attack against SHA-1 prompt In 2015, NIST mandated that US federal agencies stop using algorithms for generating digital signatures, timestamps, and other applications that require collision resistance.

NIST’s Cryptographic Algorithm Validator (CAVP), which curates a list of approved cryptographic algorithms. 2,272 libraries Certified since January 2018 and still supports SHA-1.

In addition to urging users relying on this algorithm to migrate to SHA-2 or SHA-3 to protect electronic information, NIST has announced that SHA-1 will be fully phased out by December 31, 2030. We also recommend deprecating it.

“Modules still using SHA-1 after 2030 will purchase authorization NIST computer scientist Chris Celi said:

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