Australian health insurer Medibank confirmed today that the personal data of approximately 9.7 million current and former customers had been accessed following a ransomware incident.

The company said the attack was detected on its IT network on October 12 and was “consistent with precursors to a ransomware event,” prompting the system to be quarantined, although the attackers were unable to obtain data. Not before I stole it. .

“This figure represents about 5.1 million Medibank customers, about 2.8 million ahm customers and about 1.8 million international customers,” Medibank said. I got it.

Compromised details include name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, Medicare number (but not expiration date) for ahm customers, passport number (but expiration date) for international students ) and visa details.

It further said the incident stole health insurance claim data for approximately 160,000 Medibank customers, approximately 300,000 ahm customers, and approximately 20,000 overseas customers.

This category consists of the service provider name, the location where the customer received a particular medical service, and the codes associated with administered diagnostics and procedures.

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However, Medibank says no financial information or identification documents such as driver’s licenses were siphoned as part of the security breach and no unusual activity has been observed since October 12, 2022. .

“Given the nature of this crime, we unfortunately believe that all customer data accessed may have been obtained by criminals,” the company said, urging customers to beware of potential leaks. urged.

standalone investor statementThe company also said it would not pay the attackers a ransom, saying that doing so would only help the attackers extort customers and make Australia a bigger target.



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