Kolide is endpoint security for teams that want to achieve their SOC 2 compliance goals without sacrificing privacy.

Graham Cluley Security News reported this week, CorrideThank you to the amazing team for your support!

In 2021, we will undergo a SOC 2 Type 1 audit, i know how hard it is To prove compliance to third party auditors. We also learned first hand what our customers have been telling us for a while. He could not have achieved SOC certification without using our own products.

That product is Kolide, an endpoint security solution for Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. Kolide provides IT admins with a single dashboard. This will prove that the fleet has the security measures that the auditor is interested in.

With Kolide, you can quickly see:

  • Firewall and screen lock are enabled
  • Your operating system is up to date
  • password manager installed

Kolide also provides visibility into subtle issues that MDM cannot address, such as whether developers have unencrypted SSH keys or cleartext 2FA backup codes.

Moreover, Kolide balances this visibility while respecting users’ privacy and autonomy. Users can visit the Privacy Center to see what device data is being collected and why. Also, if Kolide detects a vulnerability in your device, we will contact you via Slack to notify you of the issue and walk you through how to fix it.

In Collide, We have helped hundreds of customers achieve compliance – SOC 2, ISO27001 or your own internal security objectives. And we’ve done this in a way that goes beyond “checking a box” and really improves transparency and collaboration between IT and end users.

If you want to know how to achieve compliance without compromising your values, please contact us.

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