Yesterday was Israel’s official Independence Day, and the event was “celebrated” in typical style by unscrupulous hackers.

In other words, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Facebook account was hijacked (albeit temporarily) by an unauthorized party who managed to update it with a video of a mosque prayer accompanied by Arabic verses from the Quran. rice field.

At the same time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official personal website was also temporarily taken offline by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

Anonymous Sudan, the group that claimed responsibility for the attack, is believed to be behind other attacks against Israeli targets on Wednesday. This included overwhelming the Haifa Port and the Israel Port Development Company website, which manages the country’s ports, with unnecessary information. Prevent access to web traffic.

The same group on Monday claimed to have also taken down the websites of the National Health Institute and the Israeli spy agency Mossad.

It’s important to realize that these denial-of-service attacks launched against websites do not mean that hackers have compromised your system or have access to sensitive information.

Many websites are little more than fake leaflets that provide information to visitors. Yes, it can be difficult to access and read web pages during a DDoS attack. It’s certainly disruptive, but for a website that doesn’t provide important information that people rely on or doesn’t rely on it functioning properly to generate income, it matters little.

It’s also a much easier attack to perform than breaking into systems after stealing passwords or exploiting vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to an organization’s infrastructure.

This is probably why many people involved in hacktivism engage in rudimentary DDoS attacks rather than spectacular attacks. The simple truth is that it’s easy to do and is likely to generate headlines even if the victim is something like the Israeli prime minister or his intelligence agency website.

what teeth But more interesting to me is the hacking of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Facebook account. I’m assuming that the Prime Minister of Israel is probably not using the account himself and most likely has a minion with permission to post on his behalf, but I would like to know how he was compromised.

according to media coveragehackers are said to have abused “a feature of Facebook that allows cross-page collaboration” to post unauthorized content.

It looks like Netanyahu’s social media team failed to properly lock down Facebook settings.

There is no doubt that an investigation is now underway. We hope that care will be taken to reduce the likelihood of similar successful attacks in the future.



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