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Cybercrime happens much more often than you think and affects more and more people. Crimes such as identity theft and various other scams make it more important than ever to be mindful of your digital footprint. So how can the threat be minimized?

1. Opting out of data broker sites and people search sites

Information is worth more than money today, so it’s no wonder the data broker industry is booming. Moreover, without a definitive federal law regulating this business, Data brokers are also known for not only collecting data but also selling itSo with the growing number of data brokers and people search sites, personal information is more vulnerable than ever.

The average people search site gives you access to a myriad of personal information, including current and former addresses, phone numbers, property records, marital status, and more. They collect all this personal information from public records, court records, and other open sources. Luckily, in most cases you can also opt out.

For many websites, The removal process is fairly easy, because sometimes all you need to do is send an opt-out request. However, you may need plenty of time and patience. It can take a long time especially if you decide to opt out of more people search sites.

With that said, this is where data deletion services really help. can.

2. Delete old online accounts

Over the years, I’ve definitely created dozens, if not hundreds, of accounts on various websites. However, even if you haven’t logged into your previous account forever, These webpages may still share personal informationWorse yet, hackers may find out that your account information has been compromised without even knowing that a data breach has occurred.

Log into your email account and search for keywords that may have been in your welcome email, such as “welcome” or “account”. Once you find these emails, go to the web page where you set up your account and deactivate your account.


3. Remove personal information from Google search results

Thanks to Alphabet’s ability to remove personal information from Google search results, you can now influence the online data displayed by search engines. This process isn’t always successful, but Google has strict data deletion policies, so it’s definitely worth a try.

just go Takedown request web page Start the process. If you are determined to minimize your digital footprint, you can also remove your personal information from other search engines.

4. Disable Social Media Accounts

Of course, social media sites store a lot of personal information due to our choices. By sharing your social media posts, you give these sites access to our data. may be sold laterTherefore, deleting social media accounts is the safest option.

That said, if you’re not ready to step off the grid completely, you can also increase your privacy settings. Also, if you have time, go through old social media posts and consider deleting them. This way, you can delete at least some of your data without giving up on social media websites altogether.


5. Optimize your online privacy settings

Websites collect a lot of data without you realizing it as you browse the Internet. From cookies to location tracking, we inform you about the process, but often you don’t know the consequences. This data can later be shared or even sold, putting you at risk of being targeted by scammers and hackers.

what can you do Optimize your privacy settings. Set all accounts to private, disable ad personalization, disable activity tracking, and reject cookies. This reduces the amount of online data about you.

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Yes, scrubbing your digital footprint can be time-consuming and even nerve-wracking. We promise that you can reduce it significantly.

Looking for a reliable data deletion service? Sign up for Incogni’s annual subscription plan for just $5.79/month and watch your personal information disappear from list after list of data brokers and people search sites. please give me.

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