Vesuvius, a molten metal flow engineering company listed on the London Stock Exchange, says it has been hit by a cyberattack.

Vesuvius this morning raised the alarm It was “currently managing cyber incidents”.

Vesuvius plc, a global leader in molten metal flow engineering and technology, is now managing cyber incidents. This incident involved unauthorized access to our systems.

As soon as we became aware of unauthorized activity on our network, we took the necessary steps to investigate and respond to the incident, including shutting down affected systems. Together, we support investigations and identify the scope of issues, including impacts on production and contract performance.

In light of information obtained from our ongoing investigation, we are taking steps to comply with all relevant regulatory obligations.

Very few details so far. There is no indication yet of the scale of the problem or which IT systems may have been affected by the attack at a company that manufactures ceramics for the steel industry.

Also, there is no explanation of the nature of the attack (although no one would be surprised if it turned out to be ransomware). There is also no explanation as to whether the company received communications from the attackers in any way.

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The attack on Vesuvius is the latest in a series of ransomware attacks that have affected UK organizations, including the Royal Mail.

Shares of Vesuvius, which employs more than 10,000 people, fell 3.8% before the start of trading.

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