Experts at security company Bitdefender have released a universal decryptor for victims of the MegaCortex family of ransomware.

First discovered in early 2019, MegaCortex posed a major threat to businesses by the end of the year, with the FBI issued a warning Ransomware exploited security vulnerabilities, stolen passwords, and phishing attacks to gain a foothold within networks.

The creator of MegaCortex is matrixNot only does it appear to be named after MetaCortex, the software company that Keanu Reeve’s character worked for at the beginning of the movie, the ransom note also references quotes from the movie.

large cortex ransom
MegaCortex ransom note

However, if your business is infected, you probably don’t feel like eating popcorn.MegaCortex can encrypt files, steal information from networks, and revoke user permissions.

MegaCortex is estimated to be responsible for around 1800 ransomware infections, most of which target businesses.

But now there’s a fix that can unlock those encrypted files, so you don’t have to pay the cybercriminal extortionist a ransom.

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Bitdefender security researchers worked with Europol, the NoMoreRansom project, and law enforcement in Zurich to Free MegaCortex decryption tool.

BTW, it’s always worth checking in if you’ve been hit with ransomware NoMore Ransom business.

NoMoreRansom has perhaps the most definitive Public list of ransomware decryption tools Available.

It goes without saying that you should always back up important data (even encrypted) before running a decryption tool.

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