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Expel wanted to find out what cybersecurity issues were most important to UK organizations and asked 500 IT decision makers (ITDMs) to get a better picture of the cybersecurity landscape across the UK. I investigated.

Respondents ranged from senior leaders (owners/managers, partners, directors, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, chief information security officers, managing directors) to those working in security operations centers (IT/security directors and SOC managers). ) included everyone. .

The report ‘The UK Cybersecurity Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities’ identifies a number of ITDM concerns in several places. In some cases, it’s like a refreshing splash of cold water.

This report is packed with insight and helpful guidance as you plan your security strategy for the next year and beyond.

Learn what Expel uncovered and how you can use this information to guide your security strategy.

Download the UK Cybersecurity Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities report now.

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