A new report from ENISA, the European Union’s cybersecurity agency, has examined cyberattacks targeting European transport networks for almost two years and identifies ransomware as a prominent threat. increase.

of ENISA reportanalyzes for the first time the myriad of cybersecurity threats facing the EU transport sector, mapping cyber incidents targeting air, sea, rail and road transport from January 2021 to October 2022. I investigated.

The three major threats identified during this period are:

  • Ransomware attack (38%)
  • Data-related threats (30%)
  • Malware (17%)
  • Denial of service attack (16%)
  • Phishing/Spear Phishing (10%)
  • Supply chain attacks (10%)

Of particular interest is to look at how threats have changed from 2021 to 2022. The proportion of ransomware attacks targeting the transportation sector has increased dramatically from 13% to 25%, and denial of service attacks have exploded from 2. % in 2021 to 13% in 2022.

The rise in denial-of-service attacks on European airports and railway companies is most likely linked to hacktivists, ENISA said, many in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Such attacks often lead to business disruptions, impeding the movement of the public or disrupting the movement of goods.

Meanwhile, data-related threats (such as breaches and data breaches, which often involve login credentials, employee and customer data, and intellectual property) will see a decline in proportion compared to ransomware, with from 21% in 2021 to 9% in 2021. 2022.

Please note that ENISA reports only investigate cybersecurity incidents reported to ENISA. The report’s authors acknowledged that “knowledge and information about such cases is still limited. Analysis of this report shows that the cases that have been made public are just the tip of the iceberg.” there is

In 2024, a new European Directive (NIS2) encourages Member States to strengthen cybersecurity across all industry sectors, improve attack reporting, and establish effective response teams as part of a broader effort to improve defenses against state and non-state actors. Member States are obliged to organize

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