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Infoblox recognizes that understanding DNS and having the right tools and techniques to defend your DNS infrastructure is paramount to preventing potential attacks against DNS.

Compiled by an award-winning journalist. dark readingthis new report provides deep insight into DNS, how it works, potential attacks against it, and the tools and techniques needed to defend your DNS infrastructure.

Networks are becoming more complex, attackers are becoming more sophisticated, and they are finding new ways to bypass corporate security controls. Early detection and rapid response to threats in the event of a breach is more important than ever, helping businesses reduce risk to their business and stay compliant.

This document contains many insights and provides useful guidance on:

  • The DNS threat landscape, including the most common attack vectors and how they work
  • Cybercriminals Unexpectedly Evade Cyber ​​Defenses and Launch New DNS-Based Threats
  • Why DNS Detection and Response is Important to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks

Download Now: “Everything I Needed to Know About DNS Attacks (But I Was Afraid to Hear)”

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