Microsoft is Admitted Accidentally exposing sensitive customer data after failing to securely configure the server.

Cybersecurity firm SOCRadar notified Microsoft of an embarrassing September leak that researchers claimed involved files dated from 2017 to August 2022.

The following business transaction data has been published:

  • name
  • email address
  • The contents of the e-mail
  • company name
  • phone number

Additionally, Microsoft warns that the published data may include “attachments related to the business between the customer and Microsoft or its authorized Microsoft partners.”

SOC radar Claim We have determined that sensitive data for over 65,000 entities in 111 countries resides on improperly configured Microsoft servers that have been left exposed over the Internet.

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Calling the data breach “BlueBleed,” SOCRadar Websites that relevant companies can search to see if their data is publicly available.

Microsoft has not shared details about the scale of the data breach. While he thanked SOCRadar for issuing the data leak warning, he claimed the researchers “greatly exaggerated the scope of the problem.”

A detailed examination and analysis of the dataset shows duplicate information, showing multiple references to the same email, project, and user. We take this issue very seriously and are disappointed that SOCRadar exaggerated the numbers involved in this issue even after highlighting the error.

The public release of SOCRadar’s BlueBleed search tool appears to have particularly upset Microsoft, which it said was “not in its best interests because it could protect the privacy and security of its customers and expose them to unnecessary risks.” I’m here.

Microsoft argues that security companies that release such tools must take basic measures, such as verifying users, before allowing them to search for data related to domains.

Microsoft is rightly embarrassed by lax security that unnecessarily exposes customer data. I think most Microsoft customers would be less annoyed by quarrels about how much data was inadvertently exposed, and security he would be worried about the cockup happening in the first place.

According to SOCRadar, Microsoft responded within hours of being notified of the issue and reconfigured the Azure Blob Storage cloud buckets to adequately protect against unauthorized access.

While it’s clearly a positive that the misconfigured server was protected, it’s unfortunately true that this particular horse has already been bolted. “It’s been public for months.”.

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