Young people don’t need adults to have all the solutions. they conduct Adults need to be on their side, ask genuine questions, answer honestly, and work with them to find ways forward.

It all looks good until things get really tough.youth When Adults really have a problem keeping us up at night. Youth mental health suffersespecially for LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and young women (2021 CDC investigation). Sadness, fear, and even despair are natural reactions to difficult life circumstances and the evening news. Adults can be easily overwhelmed.

Young people are learning to develop self-management, emotional regulation, resilience and hope for the future. The best way adults can support adolescents’ learning is by doing the following, albeit imperfectly: Self-care for sustainability and impact, practice of materializationnurture connections with supportive people and communities, fight for what you love.

Hope is a discipline.

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