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“Zero Trust” is now on the verge of becoming an empty buzzword. The problem isn’t just that marketers put Zero Trust labels on everything but breakfast cereals. we don’t look any safer.

At the heart of Zero Trust is a good idea, but the way most companies execute that idea is imperfect. In particular, most security practitioners forget that device compliance is a key component of Zero Trust.

please think about it. Identity providers can ensure that only known devices can access company apps, but recognizing a device doesn’t mean it’s in a secure state. A malware-infected laptop running an outdated OS isn’t exactly “trusted.” Also, he cannot rely on the MDM to achieve full compliance.Something like Unencrypted access credentials Needless to say, it’s out of their reach Large Linux device write size.

Kolide solves the Zero Trust device compliance element for enterprises using Okta.

Our premise is simple. If an employee’s device is not compliant, they will not be able to access the app.

Kolide’s unique approach works with Okta to make device compliance part of the certification process. If the device is not compliant, the user will not be able to log in to cloud apps until the issue is resolved. Also, instead of adding more work for IT, Kolide provides instructions for users to unblock themselves.

device blocked

Kolide works on Mac, Windows and even Linux devices, with mobile support coming soon. Our lightweight agent complements your existing tools, allowing you to scope and manage many compliance issues to complete the Zero Trust picture.

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