Renowned crime writer Ann Cleves turn to twitter I desperately need help this week.

reason? The author, whose novel was the inspiration for his TV series like ‘Vera’, lost his HP laptop during a blizzard in Shetland.

A laptop that contained a half-finished draft of the award-winning Cleeves’ next book.

Goku goku!

Ann Cleves Tweet

Cleaves said he offered a reward BBC Radio Scotland The laptop was probably buried “under a foot of snow” in Lerwick.

My first thought was, that’s a shame, I wish she had a backup. I also wanted Anne Cleeves to protect her laptop with passwords and full disk encryption to ensure sensitive information was not misused.

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Too many people seem to find backing up their laptops to be a hassle.

Connecting an external drive to copy important documents and photos can be a hassle, but there are services like Backblaze and Carbonite that can automatically back up your data to the Internet.

And if for some reason you don’t want to pay for a backup-only solution, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Fortunately, Ann Cleeves had some kind of backup strategy, but it relied on users remembering to take the precaution of making copies of their data.she had I emailed the book to myself As an attachment, days before my laptop was lost.

Whether you’re worried about your computer chirping, malware deleting your data, or simply accidentally deleting something you really should keep, make sure you have some kind of backup strategy in place.

It can save you a lot of time, tears and heartache.

Oh, Ann’s laptop?who found a few days later… but the wear is slightly worse.

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