You would think that the simple act of kicking the groin is just that simple. Unfortunately, most people (including martial arts instructors) do not fully understand the mechanics of a successful groin strike. The idea is simple: “Kick him in the crotch and he will fall.”this

Unfortunately this is not always the case. Here are four common mistakes to avoid when attacking the groin. This makes the damage effective and permanent when utilizing this move.

Mistake #1 – Kicking from a distance

For a blow to the groin to be effective, it must be done up close and personal. As we teach our students, you want to “permanently separate the three states.” This can only be done from a close quarter position. If you try to attack the groin from a distance, most men have built-in radars that will quickly deflect and protect the groin unless you are close.

Mistake #2 – Attacking Straight

The body’s spinal reflex (a reaction that automatically protects you without conscious brain involvement) involves pressing your hand against your groin, bending your upper body, squashing your knees slightly, and sticking out your chin. If you hit straight as taught in class, you’ll get a headbutt and get hurt.

The goal is to hit the body at a 30-45 degree angle and keep it away from being in a direct line of sight to his head.

Mistake #3 – Hitting the groin first

When you try to hit the groin first, nothing shrinks more than when the attacker defends himself and comes after you. I hope. The first two strikes/kicks should be done outside the groin area. It is recommended to hit the head and neck. This pushes the body backwards, thereby giving you a cleaner shot to the groin. He doesn’t expect his shots to the head and therefore doesn’t focus on protecting the groin.

Mistake #4 – No Follow Through

Everyone thinks the groin is so sensitive that a gentle tap can make a man fall off. The reality is most men have been through a fair amount of contact through sports etc. and can feel a little bit of pain. Their pain sensors are suppressed as a result. The best attack is to hit upwards from the bottom to “divide the tri-state his area”. This causes the greatest amount of damage and pain and triggers the spinal reflex.

With a few simple changes, you can turn your next crotch into a conflict ender.

**Angie M. Tarighi is CEO and Founder of Women’s Self-Defense Institute, which provides self-defense training, educational awareness and personal protection products that empower women to fight crime.

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