ArcSafe Welding Screen Features and Benefits
and flame retardant canvas

At Elliott, we provide the best protection in the workplace.Our Welding Screens Guarantee You coveredour screens are the only ones in Australia certified to Australian standards.

ArcSafe Welding Screen

ArcSafe Welding Screens absorb the dangerous UV rays emitted by the arc welding process and are a great option for shared work spaces where not everyone is wearing suitable PPE for welding all the time. Also, since ArcSafe® Welding Screens are transparent, workers should be certain that it is safe to enter the area.

Other benefits include:

  • Safely enclose the welding station
  • Protect your colleagues and others from the pain of accidental welding flashes
  • Define hazardous weld areas safely and quickly
  • Enables safe observation for safety confirmation of welding work
  • All seams are welded for added durability and strength.
  • Grommets on 4 sides 200mm
  • Amber Luminance Factor – C3
  • Available in various widths
  • Fixed and moveable frames are available in standard and heavy-duty materials in a variety of sizes.
  • Product Certifications: Elliott ArcSafe Welding Screens are certified by SAI Global to Australian Standard AS3957/NZ5852:2006 for Light Transmission Screens and Curtains for Welding Operations.

Color and luminance transmittance

ArcSafe welding screens are available in two colors, red and green. Luminance transmission is the ratio of the brightness of a light source when viewed through a curtain or screen to the brightness of the light source when viewed directly.

Luminance transmittance table

flame retardant canvas screen

Flame Retardant Welded ScreenLike ArcSafe Welding Screens, FR Canvas Screens absorb the dangerous UV rays emitted from the manufacturing arc welding process, but FR Canvas is more robust and durable. The increased thickness of the material allows the canvas screen to withstand splashes and dross.

Other benefits include:

  • Cost effective robust flame retardant screen
  • Heavy duty (heavy gouging) canvas
  • Resistant to spatter during welding
  • Ideal as a non-translucent barrier between work areas or walkways
  • Ideal for preventing sparks generated during grinding and cutting
  • 200mm brass eyelets on all four sides
  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Can also be ordered in rolls upon request
  • Static and movable frames available in various sizes in standard and heavy-duty materials.


Whether ArcSafe Welded Screens or FR Canvas Screens are the best choice, Elliotts has the quality safety protection you need. For more information, Welding screens, blankets and drapes pageCall us and speak with one of our team members 07 3265 2944 Or send us a message contact us page.



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