People try hard to complicate the less complicated things in life. Women’s self-defense is her one of those areas. A lot of people spend their time trying to “scare” women into attending classes instead of just addressing the basic facts.

A is recognition and avoidance

Sounds pretty simple, right? In reality, paying more attention to your surroundings and your “female intuition” can highlight potentially dangerous situations and individuals very quickly. It can provide an escape route to avoid potentially dangerous scenarios. Awareness and avoidance training is for survival and does not require engaging in violent encounters.

B is for body language and boundaries

How we carry ourselves says a lot about who we are. Predators are looking for prey. The last thing you want to do is appear as prey. So why is it invisible to prey? By making eye contact, turning your shoulders back, and walking with purpose, you send a clear signal that you are aware and that you are not an easy target. Boundaries are hard for women, given the But the reality is that you need to feel comfortable saying “no” and setting clear boundaries about how close someone can get to you and what you allow them to do. Body language and boundary setting is about using your body and voice to send clear signals that you are not an easy prey.

C is for contact and trust

Contact is being able to handle violent situations in your own strength and with confidence. Do you have the personal protection and self-defense skill set to fend off violent predators if necessary? Are you confident in your skills? Are you confident in your ability to control your fear and act? Do you know what to do in the face of violence? Contact & Confidence Training will teach you the many self-defense options available to you.

The ABCs of female self-defense are not that difficult. However, it requires some training. We are not born with all knowledge. We all train and learn to improve ourselves and keep ourselves safe. Have you completed the Women’s Self Defense ABC Training?

**Angie M. Tarighi is CEO and Founder of Women’s Self-Defense Institute, which provides self-defense training, educational awareness and personal protection products that empower women to fight crime.

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