If you’re taking a self-defense course, make sure you’re enrolled in a class that teaches multiple response options. “When bad guys attack, do this and that” It is irresponsible and dangerous for any instructor to teach that there is a single solution to every threatening situation, or that one or two moves will always save you. As with multiple facets, every situation and situation calls for a different response. And training should cover them all.

So what are these self-defense reaction options? There are five general categories of self-defense reactions. these are:

  • Compliance – Do what the bad guys want
  • Escape – Always the best choice when available
  • De-escalate – explain the situation – use your brain
  • Positivity – using body language, tone and voice
  • Fighting Back – Strike Back – Last resort

    The reality of any crime situation that requires self-defense is that you are likely to employ a multitude of options from each of these categories. . Or you might try to escalate the situation with mild compliance and then have to fight to open a window to escape.

    The final aspect of training should include how to deal with the legal consequences of your actions. Contrary to popular belief, the use of force in self-defense must be proven justified and not excessive.

    There are multiple scenarios that could come into play. Choices in responding to life-threatening situations depend on training and the number of options available. As I advise all my students, only YOU know what you can and cannot do in the face of violence.

    No matter which self-defense course you enroll in, make sure your response options and legal responsibilities are covered. The last thing I want to ask when faced with a violent attack is, “What is my reaction?”


    Angie M. Tarighi is CEO of the Women’s Self-Defense Institute at https://www.self-defense-mind-body-spirit.com and a national leader in educating and training women in self-defense and personal security options. is.

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