As Pride Month comes to an end, it’s important to look back in history and remember the many activists who fought for LGBTQ+ rights before prideavailable on Amazon Prime, does just that. pride It tells of the unusual relationship between striking Welsh miners and gay and lesbian activist groups in London. Although the film is set in his 1980s during her HIV/AIDS epidemic, many of the central themes still feel relevant today.

Plot follows multiple characters Through their journey of coming out, years of returning to family and families who hadn’t accepted their sexuality, and their emotionally and physically taxing battles with HIV/AIDS. The main storyline revolves around a group of lesbian women and gay men in London who find themselves no longer terrorized by the media and law enforcement. Instead of using this as a time to reminisce and rest, the protagonist decides to raise money for the striking miners who are now bearing the brunt of police brutality and harassment. To that end, they form a group called Lesbian and Gay Support the Miners (LGSM).

At first, miners in the small towns where LGSM travels resist their support.They are a relatively conservative group of people and they need help, but many of them worry that their image will be damaged by receiving money from “perverts”. Over time, with the help of sympathetic townspeople and the perseverance of LGSM, miners came to appreciate the support and knowledge that gay activists bring to the table. even develop friendships with these people who seem to share Many similarities to myself. One of his members of LGSM is a Welshman who fled to London when he came out to his family, so he is connected to Welsh miners. Others learn to appreciate each other as human beings with whom they can share jokes and coffees.Above all, the miner and her LGSM members deserve the respect of the police, media and other citizens of the UK. We are united around a common desire to seek.

The film highlights many important themes, but the most poignant one is unity. At the beginning of the film, several members of LGSM are frustrated because they think it unwise to spend their time and energy raising money for miners, many of whom are homophobic. I’m here. Others leave LGSM to form their own groups better suited to their needs. When this happens, the group’s leader, Mark Ashton, asks, “What’s the point in standing up for gay rights and not anyone else’s rights?” This line ties in nicely with the WomenSafe values ​​of liberating everyone. Her one of WomenSafe’s core values ​​comes from Lila Watson’s words: But if you came because your liberation is tied to mine, let us work together Mark Ashton and the rest of his LGSM to help them get their freedom. recognizes that everyone, including miners, should be free. Ashton’s dialogue also evokes ideas of intersectionality. So being a miner and being gay are not mutually exclusive identities. At WomenSafe, we strive to fight for the rights of queer survivors and, in doing so, defend all queer people and all survivors.

At the end of the film, after LGSM show up multiple times to support the miners, their roles switch and the miners show up at the London Pride Parade to support their LGSM friends and partners.

The film sheds light on the concept of unity and solidarity, and reminds us that although we may be different, we are all human, and most of the time we can find ways to connect with each other. So we often spend time noting how the people around us are different from ourselves, as the miners did. pride. This movie shows the power that comes from that. Strive to find similarities with others and make positive decisions that value similarities over differences. Coming together and united while acknowledging our differences is the best way to fight a greater evil.



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