What you need to know about work-related musculoskeletal injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) are a common and costly problem for people and businesses worldwide. In Australia, his labor-related MSI is the most common condition in which workers’ compensation claims are currently filed.

What is a musculoskeletal injury?

A musculoskeletal injury is an injury or disorder of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, blood vessels, or related soft muscles such as sprains, strains, inflammation, etc., which may be caused or exacerbated by work. .

Why are MSIs so common?

Some of the simplest tasks at work, such as lifting objects, reaching, and repeating the same movements, can take a toll on your body and lead to MSI. It can also be related to your posture when lifting, the weight of the load, or, in many cases, your physical inability to cope with the task at hand. Another reason MSI is so common is that sprains and muscle strains are often mistreated in the field and can present in MSI.

How to prevent musculoskeletal injuries at work?

One of the best things an organization can do to reduce the risk of injury is to conduct role-specific pre-employment testing for employees. For example, if you’re hiring a boilermaker, there’s a set of physical demands you need. This means we need to test people to make sure they can safely meet those demands.

Another way to prevent the occurrence of MSI is regular breaks, stretching, work rotation, and worker training. As part of a generally healthy lifestyle, educating workers on role-specific strengths solutions is important and has the effect of improving job satisfaction and mental health.

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