Depending on the activity or profession in which boots are worn, it may be said that men are as good as boots, especially when navigating difficult terrain or working in hazardous environments.

You don’t want boots that wear out easily, leaky boots, or shoes that don’t adequately protect your feet from risks and injuries. Some might want solid boots from Georgia.

History of Georgia Boots

Georgia Boots has a long history of making boots. They have been designing and manufacturing work boots for nearly 85 years.

So it’s not enough to say that this company has a history in making boots. The Georgia Boot Company has played a leading role in making boot history.

The brand was born during the Great Depression in the United States, and in and of itself says a lot about the company and its boots. Georgia shoe manufacturing company born in 1937.

How many companies were founded, and how many survived, in the midst of an economic catastrophe most people have never experienced? The Great Depression just a few years before World War II established in the era.

Those lucky enough to find manual labor during the Great Depression, whether skilled craftsmen or unskilled laborers, had the durable work to keep them once they got the job. I needed boots. They needed to protect their feet and had to buy work boots on a very limited budget, if barely existent.

Georgia Shoe Company was founded to meet these men’s needs. strong and durable shoes and limited resources for purchases.

The company started manufacturing activities in the South. Atlanta, Georgia. But true to its goals and its customers, the company quickly grew beyond its home base in Atlanta. A much larger production facility was found in the Flowery branch and production was relocated.

Along with the company’s manufacturing capabilities and factory size, the Georgia Boot Company has expanded its footwear product line.

A brand new product has been added that goes far beyond making work boots. The emphasis was not only on sports shoes, but also on other types of shoes that can be used for multiple purposes.

Georgia boots of the day

Today, Georgia Boots manufactures a line of footwear products for men, women and even children. They have invested heavily in research to provide innovations that ensure the health and comfort of your feet while wearing their boots. The company has integrated new technologies and new materials such as:

  • memory foam
  • shock absorption
  • Boot durability and resistance features
  • Ergonomic design
  • And comfort comes first.

The company is now headquartered in the heart of America’s “rust belt,” a country that is still proud of its manufacturing industry during the golden age of industrial manufacturing. The company is located in Nelsonville, Ohio.

The management of Georgia Boot Company continues its quest for manufacturing excellence by investing in research and introducing innovation with the sole purpose of producing quality shoes and boots.

They have not forgotten their origins and work hard to keep their products affordable for working men and women and their families.

In addition, in response to the demands of globalization, we have established two manufacturing plants outside the continental United States. One is located in the Dominican Republic and a second factory is established in Puerto Rico.

Eventually acquired EJ Footwear in Nashville georgia boot company. When EJ Footwear was acquired by Rocky Brands, Georgia Boot Company became a full-fledged and valuable member of the Rocky Brands manufacturing family.

Rocky Brands’ manufacturing portfolio includes many reputable licensed brands such as:

  • John Deere
  • Durango
  • Dickies
  • original mac boots company
  • Gates
  • extra tough
  • Rocky
  • Neos Overshoe
  • troop
  • slip grip
  • shoe angel
  • Selvus
  • Lehi.

Are Georgia Boots Good?

Georgia Boots has a great reputation when it comes to its shoes. Proven designs are produced using innovative materials and thanks to a high-quality manufacturing process, these boots are recognized as reliable, durable and extremely comfortable.

The result is a loyal customer base and an undiminished popularity even after 85 years in business.

Are Georgia Boots Good? surely! Without a solid product, no company can survive for more than 85 years. Generations of American and foreign workers continue to trust our products for comfort and safety in the workplace.

Georgia work boots are especially appreciated for their amazing lightness.

If you wear boots all day in a physically demanding environment, you don’t want boots that add weight and strain your back muscles, leg muscles, and feet. Boots that emphasize the weight of footwear and reduce foot fatigue.

Mechanical technology is used in the production of Georgia boots. This kind of manufacturing process allows us to keep costs down with low prices that are not possible with handmade boots. Georgia his work boots are synonymous with affordability, protection and comfort.

Known for their durability and the safety features they bring to the workplace, Georgia boots have never waned.

How much do Georgia boots cost?

Many of today’s work boots are expensive. they are expensive.

Professionals not only want durability, comfort and protection, but they also want shoes that are affordable and don’t need to be replaced after relatively short periods of wear.

The Georgia Boot Company remains true to its founding principles rooted in the uncertainty and poverty of the Great Depression.

To this day, the company has maintained its commitment to producing high quality, affordable boots. This principle has never wavered in 85 years of boot making.

Georgia boots can be found at prices from approx. $100 to $300. These are competitive processes for the products offered.Several competitor boots will offer similar work boot features at a higher price

Luckily, Georgia Boots has seasonal sales and promotions, so website You may find your favorite boot style at a low price.

types of georgia boots

The company manufactures a wide range of boots for working, hunting, fishing, hiking, outdoor activities, logging, farm and ranch, and casual wear.

1.) Work shoes with safety features

Traditional protective shoes are worn in a variety of industrial and agricultural environments. Many of these work environments require toe safety protection to combat impact risks such as falling tools, materials and debris.

Georgia Boots offers a variety of options such as alloy toes, composite non-conductive toes and steel toes depending on the type of hazards you face while working or outdoors. Some styles also feature metatarsal guards for added safety.

2.) Soft toe boots

For professionals who don’t need toe protection, Georgia also makes work boots with soft toes. Soft-toe boots are an ideal alternative when not working in an environment where there is a risk of injury from impact.

Ideal for professionals in low- to medium-risk jobs, the soft toe boot is lightweight and reduces stress on your feet during the day. It also tends to be a little roomier without the toe cap.

3.) Georgia farm and ranch boots

georgia boots farm work

Manufacturer Georgia Boots offers a wealth of choices for farm and ranch professionals. This classic style farm boot will never go out of style and will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

Some boot models come with a safety toe cap. There are also a number of pull-on styles and waterproof wellingtons for those who get in and out of mud on the job. Many shoes have non-slip and oil-resistant outer soles for slippery terrain.

4.) Georgia Loggers

The logger is designed for professionals in the logging industry, but is also perfect for a variety of outdoor jobs and activities. Georgia manufactures a variety of logger styles that provide protection in environments where scaffolding may be compromised.

Specially designed to provide excellent arch support and ankle protection. Its improved stability makes it a great alternative for linemen. The Georgia Logger also features a unique style from toe to lace.

Many of these styles are waterproof, insulated, have protective toe caps, and are ASTM compliant.

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Features of Georgia Boots

Georgia boots come with many features to suit everyone’s needs.

1.) Construction

Most Georgia boots incorporate Goodyear welt construction into their designs. Goodyear welt construction allows you to reupholster the outsole as it wears, extending the life of your work boot. You don’t have to buy new boots just because your heel or outsole is worn out.

2.) Upper


The boot upper is manufactured from full grain leather or SPR full grain leather.

3.) Insulation

Georgia boots use 3M Thinsulate insulation in various thicknesses and weights.

4.) Midsole

Choose from EVA or Polyurethane.

5.) Outer sole

Wedge sole work boots and logger boots with both high and low heels are also available. Some styles have Vibram oil and non-slip soles and polyurethane or abrasion-resistant lug rubber.

6.) Protective Toe Cap

Georgia manufactures steel, non-conductive composites, alloys and soft-toed boots depending on where you wear your boots and the activity you participate in.

7.) Safety

Not only does the Georgia boot have a safety toe cap, shank, metatarsal guards, and a non-slip and oil-resistant outer sole, it’s also shock-proof, with safety features that exceed ASTM compliance. Static dissipative and puncture resistance are also available in certain boot designs.

8.) Shaft

Most Georgia boot styles are available in 4″, 6″, 8″ and 9″ shaft heights.

9.) Shanks

The shank is available in protected steel with additional arch support.

10.) Inner sole

The Georgia features a proprietary Comfort Core or AMP insole with memory foam for superior comfort at work. Georgia also uses TOC (Technology Driven Comfort) insoles made of polyurethane.

11.) Waterproof

Breathable GORE-TEX is integrated into the design and construction to keep your feet dry even in the worst conditions.


Are Georgia Boots Good? No they are great! These boots are well worth the time spent looking for the right pair and well worth the purchase.



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