Carhartt is a respected brand of well-known and sought-after workwear apparel. If Carhartt is the original workwear and outdoor line, what exactly is Carhartt WIP?

Carhartt WIP is a division of the Carhartt brand and features a wholly independent apparel line.of “WIP” in the name means “World in Progress”That’s why we have Carhartt and Carhartt World in Progress.

While the Carhartt line is primarily focused on the US market, the Carhartt WIP tends to be more fashion oriented, targeting both European and Asian markets.This is the fundamental difference between the two apparel collections.

How did the two apparel lines come about?

The Carhartt Company was founded in 1898 in Detroit, Michigan by founder Hamilton Carhartt. Carhartt WIP, 100 years later he was founded in 1989 as a derivative division of Carhartt.

Two German designers begin introducing original Carhartt apparel in Europe. These two designers of his were Salome and Edwin Fay.

Five years later, he designed his own apparel line under the Carhartt WIP brand and signed a license agreement to sell it in the European and Asian markets.

Carhartt is still a major apparel line, but WIP brands are a specific division.

different apparel?

Carhartt and Carhartt WIP The apparel line was completely different. They remain different to this day.

Carhartt sells durable and reliable apparel for the workplace, designed with tradesmen, workers and working professionals in mind.

The Carhartt WIP apparel line took Carhartt’s traditional workwear designs and then modified them to suit the needs and tastes of the European workwear market. they were little trendy When more fashion orientednot just work apparel.

Carhartt WIP

In fact, Carhartt WIP is also highly regarded as fashionable streetwear and is sold especially in European and Asian markets, but thanks to its success in the American market, Carhartt WIP stores also exist in the United States. increase.

The Carhartt WIP brand has also started collaborating with other clothing brands. This is evident in the slim-fitting and slightly edgy designs available, whereas the original his Carhartt brand prioritized functionality in its clothing designs.

The two clothing divisions and lines are distinctly different, even though they share the Carhartt name.

different market?

As two separate apparel lines, we target two different clothing markets.

The classic Carhartt line of work apparel is valued not only for outerwear, but also for functional clothing, so it’s marketed to those looking for clothing suitable for daily physical labor and outdoor activities.

This line is also marketed to those who have outdoor hobbies such as fishing, hunting, and camping, and who need practical clothing.

As a result, the Carhartt brand finds its fair share of customers among older professionals looking for durable, practical clothing at affordable prices.

In other words, customers who want value for money. The Carhartt brand is very popular where companies are established in the United States.

Carhartt WIP is a more fashion-oriented brand, so it attracts a different type of customer than traditional Carhartt brands.

The Carhartt WIP targets a younger demographic simply because its design is more fashion-forward. Most of the market share is found in Europe and Asia, but it also has a growing following in the United States.

what about the price?

Prices can at least vary as they are designed for different demographic markets.Carhartt WIPs are typically more expensive than classic Carhartt apparel.

This is mainly because Carhartt clothing is practical and functional workwear and Carhartt WIP is a fashion brand, so you can expect higher prices for trendy apparel.

Carhartt isn’t cheap clothing, but it’s more affordable because it’s manufactured to be cost-effective for working men and women.

Carhartt’s jacket costs about $100, while Carhartt’s WIP is double that price. Prices vary from article to article, so do your homework when choosing.

Two separate branded websites

These two separate apparel lines also have two separate websites. This is a logical branding choice on the company’s part as they offer a variety of products aimed at completely different target markets.

Many brands choose to include various subsidiary lines, especially if their target customers are common or similar, or if their product lines have a lot in common. This is not the case with Carhartt and Carhartt WIP clothing lines.

Their target markets are in different locations and serve different types of customers, so it’s only natural that the Carhartt Group would establish two separate websites.

Are Carhartt and Carhartt WIP the same durability?

Both clothing lines offer product quality and durability, but the classic Carhartt line is expected to be more durable. The Classic line is designed and built for rigorous indoor and outdoor manual labor, so you can count on it to last.

The Carhartt WIP is fashionable street gear, so you don’t need the same type of durability because next year’s trends will be different. The materials are of good quality and the stitching is solid, but they are not designed to be indestructible and the target market does not want them.

Are the sizing the same?

Carhartt WIP clothing designs tend to feature slimmer cuts and fits. Don’t be surprised if Carhartt WIP clothing feels about a size smaller than his Carhartt workwear. Also, keep in mind that European sizes tend to be smaller than American sizes.

Carhartt and Carhartt WIP clothing selection

Budget can be an influencing factor, but the main difference lies in the functionality of the garment.If you’re looking for fashionable streetwear, Carhartt WIP is for you.

If you’re looking for quality workplace and outdoor apparel, Carhartt is the place to go. Neither of these clothing lines are suitable for more formal events.

These are the main differences between Carhartt and Carhartt WIP. Whichever you choose, there are some staple choices that are perfect for everyday outfits.



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