A charity very close to the Elliotts family, the GingerCloud Foundation was founded by Anthony and his wife Megan. It is intended to empower, engage and equip parents that children learn and perceive differently.

Anthony and his family founded the GingerCloud Foundation after their young son, Max, was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Delay Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). Max’s language stopped developing and he became hypersensitive to many things around him, causing episodes of extreme behavior. I realized that I needed extra support, not just for Max, but for the whole family.

The foundation helps families like you create their own roadmaps to help their children grow, access opportunities, and do the best they can.

The GingerCloud Foundation has developed the Modified Rugby Program (MRP) in partnership with the Queensland Rugby Union and the Brothers Junior Rugby Club. The MRP has been a huge success and is now installed in no less than four junior rugby clubs in Brisbane. MRP gives children who learn and perceive differently the opportunity to play team sports.

The Elliotts joined the GingerCloud Foundation to continue supporting families within the community and create their own communities so that children and their families who learn and perceive differently can continue to grow and thrive. Excited to be able to.

Stay up to date on all GingerCloud Foundation developments through our Elliotts newsletter. Learn more about GingerCloud Foundation here www.gingercloudfoundation.org.au



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