How to keep safety glasses from fogging up

Eye injuries can occur in the blink of an eye and are most common on construction and manufacturing sites.

So what should you do if you’re wearing safety glasses and doing the right thing, but your glasses keep fogging up?

Haze is a leading cause of vision impairment, putting workers at greater risk of workplace accidents. Unfortunately, many workers remove their glasses, making them susceptible to many eye injuries.

cause of cloudiness

Clouding occurs when there is a temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the glass lens. It’s like putting a glass of cold water outside and starting to “sweat”. Tight eyewear (such as goggles or wraparound glasses) can restrict airflow, increase heat inside the glasses, and cause fogging.

Limit fog effect

1. Buy anti-fog glasses

Check out our range pyramex safety glasses Equipped with anti-fog technology H2X to block fog, mist, sweat and vapor.

2. Try another design

In many cases, just changing the design of the glasses changes everything. Look for goggles with plenty of ventilation, like the Pyramex Vented Goggles.

3. Keep cleaning wipes handy

Keep your vision clear by having eyewear cleaning wipes readily available when fogging occurs in very humid conditions.

4. Use a strap

Reduces the chance of removing (and losing) eyewear by ensuring that the operator attaches the eyewear to the strap.

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