Why women should have workwear that fits them

Flame-retardant clothing has traditionally been designed in two ways: men’s or unisex. But Elliotts comes in a variety of sizings to suit women entering this “man’s world” with her FR clothing designed specifically for the female body.

But why is it so important to create clothes that are specifically designed for women’s bodies? Because it can be distracting.

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Considerations When Choosing Women’s Safety Clothing

When choosing safety clothing for women, keep the following in mind:

  • Coveralls should be worn to fit a woman’s hip and waist size to avoid excess fabric getting caught on equipment handles and machinery.
  • Choose a shirt with adjustable cuffs. Women’s wrist sizes vary, so adjusting cuffs can help keep shirt sleeves from riding up.
  • Shirt sleeves should be short enough so that they do not need to be rolled up or cuffed.
  • The shirttail should be long enough to be tucked into your pants, but short enough not to bunch up.

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