If your favorite boots are worn out beyond repair, you may be grieving, but you still need new boots. With so many high-quality shoes on the market right now, choosing can prove difficult.

Both the Rockrooster and redback are great boots for work and other activities. They share some features and show differences when viewed side by side. So let’s find out what these two brands of boots have to offer.

Redback vs Rockrooster boot comparison

rock rooster company

of rock rooster Footwear, Inc. was founded in Tasman, Australia in the 1980s. The Rock Rooster folks started making leather shoes in 1984, specifically nurse shoes.

They started with the idea of ​​creating a comfortable shoe for professionals who spend most of the day on their feet. By chance, a worker injured his leg due to an incorrect operation at the workshop.

They quickly realized the need for comfortable, protective safety shoes. Thanks to the birth of the first “safety” shoe, it has expanded to include protective shoes for miners, farmers, loggers and other workers who regularly face danger at work.

As a result, Rockrooster has established a modern manufacturing facility dedicated to the production of safety shoes.

Through the use of superior design, high-tech materials and superior manufacturing processes, Rockrooster has established a reputation as a leader in the manufacture of professional safety shoes.

Three generations later, through continuous research, investment and innovation, Rockrooster footwear is sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

The Redback Company

This in itself is a distinguishing factor as the Redback Boots® are 100% Australian made and much of the manufacturing is outsourced to other countries. The Cloros family owns or owns this company, red back We are dedicated to manufacturing lightweight boots.

The Cloros family has a boot-making tradition spanning five different generations, dating back to the early 1900s. The company is still 100% Australian owned by him and the footwear is made in their own factory in Alexandria, Sydney, Australia.

Redback sources its leather exclusively from full-grain cow hides from Australia and New Zealand, making it supple and slightly thicker than competitor options. We manufacture boots that are suitable for all work environments, such as work boots that are water, heat, and oil resistant.

Comparison of Rockrooster and Redback Company

rock rooster red back
Company formation 1980 1989
average boot weight 4 lbs.both boots 1000 grams
material leather, rubber leather, rubber, polyurethane
RETURN POLICY 30 days unused merchandise for refund or credit.6 months for defects in materials and workmanship 90-day return for new merchandise credit
Manufacturing location China Australia

rock rooster boots

Rockrooster offers a selection of work boot styles to meet the needs of various work environments. From traditional lace-up styles to easy pull-ons, it’s up to you.

Work boots not only offer great protection with steel or composite toes for impact protection, but they also offer static dissipation and EH protection. A carbon fiber support shank keeps weight down and prevents foot fatigue.

Outsoles are available in a variety of materials to meet specific workplace and traction needs. These include thermoplastic urethanes, Vibram soles and rubber nitriles.

Rockrooster Boot Features and Technologies

of Coolmax Boot Lining This material wicks away moisture to help keep your feet dry and comfortable as you work. The boot is very breathable as a result.

Another useful aspect of these boots is the styles available. For professionals who need to move from the field to meetings in the office, Rockrooster offers a selection of nice slip-on styles that look great in the office for meetings with clients and managers.

When considering sizing, know that the Rock Rooster fits standard foot sizes. X-width annotation A toe box with a secure toe cap provides extra room, meaning there’s a little more room in the ankle area.

Check Rockrooster’s sizing guide as these can be a bit large. Rockrooster’s pricing is also very affordable and shouldn’t be underestimated for those on a tight budget.

Strong Points

• Oiled full-grain leather

• comfortable

• Cleat

• waterproof and/or waterproof

• Shock absorption technology

• Steel, soft or composite toe

• Moisture wicking inside

• Resoleable

• Affordable


• Intrusion required

red back boots

They are known to be durable and extremely comfortable. Redback boots tend to be made from three-piece leather that fits the moment you put them on.

quality full grain leather Uses a boot upper that is about 30% thicker than normal work boots. The leather is oil tanned to prevent hardening and cracking and to maintain its shape.

It also features a thick outer sole with a 3-layer counter design for stability and traction. Compression molded polyurethane is lined with multi-directional lugs for impressive grip. Still, this material keeps your feet flexible and prevents them from cracking in cold weather.

One of the most attractive features of Redback boots is the air cushion midsoleThe midsole is made of two components of urethane to increase shock absorption and energy return during exercise.

This midsole helps you feel light and bouncy when standing for long periods of time.

The well-cushioned footbed is also a hallmark of the brand.a Unique anatomic sole design It envelops the foot and contrasts foot fatigue, tension and the occurrence of back and leg pain. The insole uses heat insulating material and is molded to fit the shape of the foot.

All of this is aimed at providing great comfort for pros who stand and walk for long periods of time. Another feature of the Redback boots is the leather pull tab. The fit is generally standard, with half-size people tending to be wider rather than longer.

The Redback brand is especially highly regarded for their work boots, with the Redback UBOK probably being one of the most popular boots. They may not be fashion conscious, but the idea is to make good and safe work boots.

Strong Points

• 100% full grain leather boot upper

• Made in Australia

• Extremely lightweight compared to others

• Air-cushioned midsole absorbs impact

• Cushioned insulated footbed

• 3-piece leather design ensures fit from the first wear.

• Anatomic sole for foot support

• Deep polyurethane outsole tread provides grip and anti-slip

• Pull-on boot loop

• 3-layer counterheel reinforcement design for stability

• Resoleable


• The design is industrial and not necessarily suitable for casual wear

• Not for all budgets

The conclusion is

Both of these companies offer quality safety shoes. If you’re on a tight budget, the Rockrooster is slightly more affordable than the Redback. However, the quality of the Redback boots makes them a little more expensive on the podium.

The sourcing of full-grain leather and the fact that it’s 30% less than most competitors means Redback believes durability is a priority when investing in protective footwear.

For those who need a style that works both onsite and in the office, Rock Rooster may have more to offer when it comes to fashion. increase.



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