Maintaining the quality of FR workwear

You buy flame-retardant (FR) workwear to protect you. But how do you protect your FR workwear?

Taking care of your FR wear will help it last longer and maintain optimal performance for longer. It is important to carefully follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s care label to understand how to properly wash and care for your clothing.However, care instructions do not always include FAQs. .

Tecasafe Plus Men's FR Classic ShirtAlways wash garments in warm water and line dry or tumble dry on low setting (to minimize shrinkage).

Note: Do not use detergents containing chlorine or peroxide bleach.

Can the “flame retardant” be washed away?

chemical properties of Elliot’s FR clothes If you follow the washing instructions, it cannot be washed off over time. However, it is possible with some lower quality work clothes.

Note: Elliotts uses TenCate Tecasafe Plus fabric, which provides excellent protection against severe burns from fires and electric arcs. The FR properties of the fabric are “built in” and will not wash or wear out.

How can I keep my FR Workwear from shrinking?

Most garments will shrink a little after the first few washes. But let it air dry instead of using the dryer to avoid continued shrinkage.

Note: Drying workwear at high temperatures may cause excessive shrinkage.

How do I know when new FR workwear is available?

If the clothing is torn, torn, frayed or frayed. When flammable substances adhere to clothing or bleach adheres.

Note: FR workwear exposed to arc flash should be discontinued immediately.

Remember, Elliott only provides quality safety equipment. So always designate Elliott to make sure you are properly protecting yourself. Browse our selection of top quality FR workwear.


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