HRC/PPE Category Chart for Arc Rated FR Garments

Wearing flame retardant clothing can provide the thermal protection necessary to protect workers from arc flashes. Once the ignition source is removed, the FR Garment self-extinguishes, greatly limiting the severity of burn injuries. It often means the difference between a minor accident and a tragic fatality.

Arc flash heat measurement

Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) is the exposure to a material that provides sufficient heat transfer through the material for a 50% chance of initiating a second degree burn. An ATPV rating is assigned to FR garments to indicate the level of protection required.In other words, the higher the evaluation (cal/cm), the2), the protection is greater.

Flammability level for arc rated clothing

A common method for testing the flammability of clothing for arc flash is HRC โ€“ Hazard/Risk Category. This has recently changed PPE level.

HRC or PPE levels are measured by a minimum amount of calories/cm.2There are four risk levels and the chart below shows the four HRC/PPE levels and their corresponding clothing and minimum arc ratings.

Hazard/Risk Category HRC Table

If you don’t know cal/cm2 Regarding heat, a general description is: 1 cal/cm2 = 1 match held under finger for 1 second, also 8 cal/cm2 = Hold 8 matches under your finger for 1 second.

Elliotts Australia offers a wide range of Level 1, 2 and 4 HRC/PPE rated FR garments. Tecasafe Plus WorkwearNENS09 Tecasafe Workwear, and ArcSafe T40 Switching Suit.


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