Can shirts with metal snaps or metal zippers meet Arc Rated Clothing standards?

The question of whether metal closures should be used on arc-rated garments is regularly raised by end users, especially with regard to zippers and press studs. Hugh Hoagland of e-Hazard in the US recently posed the question, “Can shirts with metal snaps or metal zippers meet ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E?” Hugh’s response “It is a matter of opinion and there is some controversy on this issue”. And I thought I’d clarify why I approached it.

Does Elliott use metal closures on his Ark-rated clothing?

Made by Elliott arc rated clothing Over 10 years. We choose not to use metal fasteners based on international and local research when designing our garments. Her two key factors in our decision were:

The first is the requirements of NFPA 70E, the only truly current standard with requirements for FR clothing or what is now known as arc-rated clothing, which states “Jewelry and conductive articles of clothing (watch bands, bracelets). (e.g., rings, key chains, necklaces, metallized aprons, cloth with conductive threads, metal headgear, or metal-framed eyeglasses) are within restricted approach boundaries or exposed It must not be worn where there is a risk of electrical contact with energized conductors or circuit components.” The second important factor was the choice not to use metal-based closures. It was an end user for a large utility company.

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What type of fasteners are used on arc rated garments?

Various types of closure systems are used in arc-rated garments. Elliott’s arc-rated clothing uses various types of closure systems and no metal-based components. Closure system includes:


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