Shopping for jeans today can be very difficult with so many rises, colors and so many styles. , all included.

Styles come and go, but one or two cuts have been around for a long time, and bootcut jean designs have been around for over a century.

Bootcut jeans are versatile and stylish and can be worn in many different situations and for many different occasions. Now we don’t just have bootcut jeans, we also have kicker bootcut jeans. So is there a difference? If so, what are they?

What are bootcut jeans?

Boot cut jeans are tailored style that uses denim fabric and straight from the waist to the knee of the pants. From the knee to the ankle of the pants, jeans tend to be a little wider, especially in the ankle area.

Bootcut jeans are heavily influenced by the trousers worn by sailors in the 1850s. In the 1800s, pants were designed to work well with boots.

They were popular with ranchers and cowboys for the same reason that ranch workers needed to wear boots every day to work.

In the 1940s and 1950s, bootcut jeans were used in Hollywood-inspired western movies. It was their inclusion as movie costumes that led to their gentrification from clothing for manual labor to casual wear.

In 1941, Lee enlisted rodeo star Turk Greenough to help improve the fit of the jeans, and his wife, Sally Rand, changed the jeans to a slightly tighter fit, but flared them to match her husband’s riding boots. was attached.

A modern version of the bootcut jean was born in the 1960s, but a design change implemented larger flares and bell bottoms.

In the late 1980s, bootcut jeans were revived. Modern bootcut jeans are called classics to distinguish them from the original bootcut style.

The bootcut shows that the jeans leg is slightly narrower at the knee than at the leg opening.Most manufacturers make sure that the leg opening of bootcut jeans is 17 inch and 20 inch.

Bootcut jeans come in two styles: original and classic. What’s the difference? The original cut has a straight thigh and a boot-cut leg for comfort.

The classic bootcut has a loose fit on the thigh with bootcut leg openings.The classic style is perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed style.

Keep In Mind When Considering Bootcut Jeans

1.) Cut

The cut of the fabric has a slightly tapered design on the thighs and widens from the knees to the hem of the pants.

2.) your height

Bootcut styles divide the leg length, so if you want to minimize your height or leg length, bootcut jeans are a great choice.

3.) Footwear

Bootcut jeans should fit comfortably over your boots

Bootcut jeans are made to be worn with boots or chunky style shoes, but look great with any shoe. Straight-cut jeans can be tucked into boots or worn over footwear, while boot-cut jeans should fit comfortably over boots or shoes.

Boot cut jeans for women versus boot cut jeans for men

The main difference between men’s and women’s bootcut jeans is fit. Women’s bootcut jeans are generally tight to the knees and slightly flared at the bottom. Men’s bootcut jeans are slightly looser across the leg.

Are bootcut jeans the same as flared or bell bottom jeans?

Nobootcut jeans have a straight fit from waist hip, thigh to knee and flare outwards towards the ankle, while actual flare style jeans are wider and have a slightly looser fit.

Bell-bottom jeans flare directly from the knee and fit snugly around the thigh.Do not confuse the two, as bell-bottom jeans flare out more than necessary to accommodate your boots.

Straight-leg jeans don’t change shape below the knee, they just cover the leg with a perfectly straight cut.

What are kicker bootcut jeans?

Kicker bootcut jeans sit just below the waist. They feature boot-cut style legs that are slender and long, tapering very slightly from knee to ankle.

Are bootcut jeans easy to find?

Nearly every major jeans manufacturer has their own version of the bootcut jeans. It may vary slightly from brand to brand, but the design is suitable for wearing bots under jeans.

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How to wear bootcut jeans

Fortunately, bootcut jeans can be worn with any type of wardrobe. Think of them as lean, hassle-free wardrobe items.

1.) Classic Casual

Bootcut jeans are perfect for casual or informal activities and work well in a casual business environment. These jeans are fashionable with a shirt, sweater, jacket, or blazer.It’s also stylish with a hoodie.

2.) Sleek and Chic

Dark bootcut jeans paired with turtlenecks and blazers offer a more sophisticated look when chic is desired.

3.) Nostalgic look

If you want a t-shirt and sandals to accentuate your 1960s hippie look, bootcut jeans are the way to go. You can also go with the 1970s for a more bohemian look.

4.) Western Wah

Bootcut jeans fit comfortably over cowboy boots thanks to flared leg openings. Add a western shirt and jacket for the western look you want.

5.) Street Dad

Bootcut jeans look great when paired with a leather jacket, gloves or coat.

Conclusion: What’s the difference between bootcut jeans and kicker bootcut jeans?

Both styles share a basic design with straight legs from waist to thigh to knee.

Both styles feature a slight flare in the cut. The difference is basically where the plant leg flare starts.

Bootcut jeans flare slightly around the ankle, while Kicker bootcut jeans flare slightly from the knee to the hem of the jeans.



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