Imagine it’s a chilly winter’s day and your feet are freezing even though fluffy socks aren’t keeping them warm.

In my search for a better solution, I stumble across a pair of plush, warm boots across the room. Bearpaw and Ugg winter boots. Both are renowned for their comfort and warmth.

Let’s take a look at a quick comparison chart.

feature bearpaw boots Agus
material Genuine cowhide or boat leather, wool inner and sheepskin footbed. The sole is made of twin-shaped sheepskin with a wool or fur lining.
durability Bearpaw boots have a lifespan of 1.5 to 2.5 years. It doesn’t last as long as Ugg. Uggs last up to 2-2.5 years with consistent use.
comfortable Bearpaw shoes are very durable, but not as comfortable as UGGs. Uggs are very comfortable, warm, soft and lightweight.
weight Much heavier than Uggs. they are lighter.
look Uggs have perfect stitching, but they droop after a while. Maintains an upright position without sagging, with visible seams.
Only rubber rubberized foam
fit Please buy a larger size. Uggs are true to size.
colour Dark brown, beige tan, white, black, pink, blue, and green are some of the colors used. Outerwear comes in a variety of colors, with tan being the most traditional.
price they are relatively cheap. Uggs are pretty expensive.
review Heavier – rubber soles, rugged soles, sheepskin uppers don’t last as long as leather, so no extra fleece layer inside – less comfort. Lighter – foam sole, heel wears quickly, sheepskin top lasts longer and stays warm, additional layer of fleece adds comfort and fleece compresses when worn with socks.

For better understanding, here is a video comparing the two boots −

they look almost the same. You probably knew Bearpaw boots as Uggs because you probably didn’t know the difference.

Before we get into the details of the differences, let’s introduce the boots.

bearpaw boots

bear paw is a well-known American shoe company known for its low prices and high quality winter boots. Started by Tom Romeo in 2001. The company’s main goal is to provide attractive and comfortable sheepskin boots.

Bearpaw boots are made with cow leather on the outside and sheepskin lining on the inside. The company then started making vegan boots using vegan microsuede instead of sheepskin. Bearpaw manufactures these boots in a variety of shapes and colors.

The boot stitching is great, but you can see the thread. The interior is warm and comfortable thanks to the sheepskin fur.

Bearpaws are relatively strong because they don’t slump. It will keep its upright shape even after several wears. This is most likely due to the outer material being leather.


Ug is a US-based footwear, outerwear, and luggage company that uses fleece fibers inside Uggs to absorb moisture and allow airflow.

The way Uggs are sewn is remarkable because the threads are not usually visible on the outside. However, after wearing them for a while, Uggs will sag and droop. The straight, rigid legs that UGG boots are supposed to have will lose their firmness and droop.

Uggs are well known for their exceptional softness and light weight. The sole is made of rubberized foam and the shoes are very comfortable. Uggs are most commonly seen in tan, although they also come in black, pink, fuchsia, and other bright colors.

Bearpaw Vs Uggs – Similarities

1.) Materials- Generally, both UGG and Bearpaw boots are made from sheepskin. However, many boot types and designs may feature certain additional materials.

2.) Warmth- Both boots are pretty dry when it comes to warmth. And they are practically tied to this property. Please note that it can be worn without socks. Socks may be worn for extra warmth.

3.) Comfort- Each Ugg and Bearpaw boot is all about comfort. Both boots include luxurious wool or fleece interiors for optimal comfort and warmth. However, some consider UGG to be much softer than his Bearpaw version.

4.) Availability- Both types of boots are available in a wide range of colors and sizes for all ages. Bearpaw and Ugg make boots for men, women and children.

Bearpaw Vs Uggs – Differences

1.) Durability- Uggs are better than Bearpaws when it comes to durability. Both boots are made from high quality sheepskin. However, Agus was awarded for his sheepskin of the finest twin face.

However, some customers claim that Bearpaws maintain a more upright shape than Uggs. Bearpaw boots usually last 1.5 to 2.5 years, but Uggs last almost 2 to 2.5 years.

2.) Stitch Quality- Ugg boots have silky stitching all over them. Uggs are popular among customers due to their seamless look. This ensures both comfort and a decent look.

Bearpaws footwear, on the other hand, has distinct, tight stitching. As a result, they are more elastic and can hold their shape for a longer period of time.

3.) Weight – Compared to Bearpaw brand boots, UGGs are lightweight. The weight difference isn’t huge, but when it comes to boot weight, even a small amount of weight can be a problem.

4.) Waterproof – The majority of Bearpaw boots feature Never-Wet technology to make them waterproof. So when you wear the Bearpaw, you can walk through water or liquids without getting wet.

Alternatively, certain Ugg branded boots are water resistant, Boots tend to get dirty, liquid, or dirty.

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Pros and Cons of Bearpaw Boots

Strong Points Cons
They offer excellent value for money.

they are really warm

Boots are water resistant.

They don’t last as long as Ugg boots.

People may mistake these for fake UGGs.

Pros and Cons of Uggs

Strong Points Cons
We use only high-quality materials in our footwear.

The seams are soft and smooth.

Ugg boots are made to last.

Uggs are more expensive than other alternatives.

Ugg does not have a vegan version.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Can I wear socks with Bearpaw and Ugg Boots?

Both boots are soft and comfortable and can be worn without socks. They are more insulated, but you can wear socks for extra warmth. (Do you wear Uggs socks?)

Are Bearpaw Boots and Uggs Good for Snow?

Yes, Bearpaw boots and uggs are great for snow if they are water resistant. Keep your feet dry while protecting them from the snow.

what do we like?

Based on the aforementioned comparison of Bearpaw boots and Uggs, we can conclude that none are better than the other in every respect. Both boot brands have some strengths and weaknesses.

Bearpaw boots are a more affordable option, but Uggs are more durable. However, both of these cold weather boots are comfortable and toasty.

According to customer reviews online, Bearpaw boots are heavier and have thicker soles. According to some reviews, sheepskin tops don’t last as long as Uggs. Others claim that the Bearpaw lacks an additional layer of fleece on the inside, making it less comfortable.

However, many consumers claim that Bearpaws are just as comfortable as Uggs.


Both Bearpaw and Uggs are comfortable and durable, but if brand matters, Uggs is the clear winner because their customer relationships are years ahead of Bearpaw.

What’s more, investing in a pair of expensive yet durable and sturdy Uggs will last you a very long time.



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