Importance of wearing safety gloves

Gloves are essential in minimizing injuries in a range of manual labor settings. Gloves not only protect you from exposure to hazards while working, they also help keep you alive. Choosing the right set for the right task is important, as no single pair can provide the right level of protection needed for every situation.

5 common injuries in the manual labor workplace

To highlight how important gloves are, here are five common injuries that can be prevented simply by wearing the right gloves.

1. Cut

A cut can occur any time you touch a metal tool. Blades/needles increase the chance of injury. See AS/NZS 2161.3 Cut Level 5 rated cut resistant gloves for this type of work. With Level 5 being the highest rating, these gloves are able to apply maximum pressure before cutting the material.

Check out Elliotts G-Flex Dynamax C5 gloves that offer the highest levels of cut, abrasion and tear resistance while ensuring up to Level 5 cut protection.

2. Punk

G-Flex Dynamax C5 Stealer GlovesWire, metal, screwdrivers, nails, or even a manual awl can easily pierce regular work gloves, so it’s essential to get gloves made of non-piercing materials.

For plenty of puncture protection, use G-Flex Dynamax Steeler Gloves for cut and puncture resistance, or Eureka for stronger protection.

3. Burns

Magnashield Kevlar GlovesProper heat protection is not as easy as choosing heat resistant gloves. Different styles are designed for radiant or contact heat. Our MagnaShield range offers both types of protection.

4. Chemical burns

Chemical burns can occur from even the most unsuspecting materials, such as concrete or tile grout, and can burn the skin both before and after water is added. Some substances cause chemical burns as serious as burns, while others cause chemical burns.

ChemVex C3 chemical glovesElliotts ChemVex 7010 Chemical Gloves offer superior grip with a non-slip coating on the palm to ensure maximum grip even in wet/greasy conditions, Level 3 cut and liquid chemical resistance is equipped with

5. Dermatitis

Not to be underestimated, dermatitis includes dry, cracked skin, blisters, rashes, inflammation, redness, and other painful skin problems. Unlike, some gloves can even cause irritation. Make sure the glove material you choose protects against hazards and gives you the flexibility to perform the task.

G-Flex T-Touch Black GlovesElliotts has a wide range of gloves with a T-Touch coating, renowned for being well tolerated by users while offering resistance to oils, greases, and hydrocarbon derivatives. It also has excellent abrasion and puncture resistance.

For more information on which gloves are right for you, check the Elliotts website or contact your local Elliotts distributor.

Also see our wide range of safety work gloves – here.


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