Welding gloves that can provide extra protection

Need extra protection for your next welding job? At Elliotts, we know that sometimes you just need a little bit more. moreTherefore, in response to this need, we devised two different methods: XT gloves and glove savers.XT gloves and glove savers.

XT glove

Protection from spatter and dross is necessary when working with hot welding materials. In this case, the industry-standard 406 mm glove leaves your upper parrot unprotected, which can ruin your shirt or, worse, lead to personal injury. Our XT series of welding gloves gives you full arm protection up to the shoulder (680mm). For your peace of mind, all of our XT gloves are classified as Type A Welding Gloves and fully certified to AS/NZS standards by SAI Global to protect against mechanical or thermal risks such as fire and heat provide.

Kevlar® Blue XT

of Kevlar® Blue Welding Gloves The addition of an XT style glove provides more protection than ever before.our Kevlar® Blue XT Gloves Manufactured from soft, premium selected butt leather, with additional leather reinforcements covering the palm and thumb area, and lined with 100% cotton. For added protection, an additional reinforced knuckle bar strip protects the back of the hand. To ensure durability, the seams are sewn with his heat-resistant Kevlar® thread and welded for added protection.

Big Red® XT

Big Red XT Welding Glovesour trust Big Red® XT Gloves Made from supple, high-quality A-grade bat leather and fully lined with 100% cotton for added heat protection and sweat management. Abrasion seams are sewn with Kevlar® thread and welded for added protection.

Lefty XT

Leftie XT Welding Glovesour Lefty® The XT glove is the newest addition to our XT range and is ideal for welding situations where a left handed glove wears out faster than a right handed glove. With the purchase of a pair of Lefties® XT gloves, the purchaser receives two fully lined 680mm left-handed gloves. These are made from high quality green bat leather and lined with 100% cotton for added heat protection and breathability. Again, all seams are sewn with Kevlar® thread for durability and welded for added protection.

glove saver

Already have great gloves and just need enhancements to make them last longer? glove saver As the name suggests, it is designed to save gloves. If desired, slip over existing gloves to provide additional thermal protection. Wearing a glove saver not only provides additional radiant heat protection to the back of the hand, but also provides additional abrasion and abrasion protection to the palm area. Offered in standard style and two styles. new Special style:

reinforced glove saverreinforced glove saver

rear of reinforced glove saver Made from an aluminum material that provides excellent radiant heat protection, the palm is made from leather for added abrasion resistance and durability. The glove also features a chrome leather palm and a practical cut-off thumb.

high heat glove saverhigh heat glove saver

of high heat glove saver A dual-layer back, Kevlar weave outer layer and aluminized Preox inner layer provide additional protection against heat risks. Additionally, this glove has a cut-off thumb and chrome leather palm.


Contact us today to learn more about XT gloves and glove savers. 07 3265 2944or our Inquiry formto request a current glove brochure.



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