High-waisted pants are commonly equated with old men, but even young men wear them as a personal fashion choice.

Aside from their physiological appearance, male retirees are often seen as wearing chunky tennis shoes, windbreakers, baseball caps, and high-waisted trousers. But now, wearing pants just below the navel can be a personal style choice.

Wearing skin-tight blue jeans with tears is more identifiable to adolescents and budding crew members, but in reality, high-waisted trousers are reserved only for older men. It does not mean that

Designed with a high waist, these graceful and sexy pants are also a fashion statement for the younger generation. They naturally match bomber jackets and other cropped styles, making them fashionable and stylish.

High-waisted trousers were once common

For about 30 years from the 1920s to the 1950s, trousers had a high rise and were longer from the crotch seam to the top of the trousers.

These pants are designed to sit at your natural waist or navel level.The body is at the widest point at the navel, so visually this is where the body divides between the pants and the shirt. .

The high-waisted design also contributed to making the legs look longer, as they appear to start high.

For those with short legs or short stature, this high-waisted design is very flattering. It will remain in place.

Another consideration was that suspenders were used more often than belts at the time.Even the blue jeans designed by Levi Strauss were a waist-level creation for nearly a century.

But that was not all. Even the 1980s and his 1990s pants were created with higher waistlines.

Why does the old man wear his trousers high?

Many men lose weight as they age and lose muscle mass in their glutes, slim or not, especially if they are not involved in some kind of fitness management.

As a result, the belt may not be enough to lift the trousers, so the trousers may be pulled high enough that the belt hangs over the waist.

If an older gentleman is overweight and maintains a “gut”, the trousers may not fit under the gut, so pull the trousers higher to help keep them in place.

Suspenders keep pants high

Suspenders also help raise the position of the trousers on the body.In addition, modern elderly people wore high-waisted trousers when they were younger due to the fashion of the time. They might just feel more comfortable wearing the same style of pants that have the feel of a higher waistline design.

A final consideration may be medical. Many older people suffer from osteoporosis. There may be upper body shortening with flattening of the spinal discs.

Older gentlemen may wear trousers as usual, but changes in body shape with age may contribute to this appearance.

high waist pants of the day

There are now multiple pants styles and high waisted pants are still available. High-rise pants aren’t meant to hit your hips like jeans. Some even feature pleats to flatter your legs.

fashion fake

If slacks are worn with a jacket, the trousers should not fit exactly where the buttons of the jacket are, as there will be visible gaps between the buttons of the jacket and the position of the slacks.

Make sure you can’t see the small gap where you can see the shirt. Visually, the jacket should transition seamlessly into the trousers.

How to make your waist look higher in slacks

If you prefer a higher waisted look but your particular pants are not designed that way, you can purchase a higher waist size. .

The waist of the pants is taken in by the tailor, but the style is high-waisted. However, this option requires the tailor to make changes.

high-waisted vintage slacks Another option is to look for high-waisted vintage slacks. Pants from the 1970s, 80s and 90s were taller.

When looking for vintage high-waisted slacks, look for longer flies. If the fly looks unusually long, you’ve found high-waisted slacks.

A final option is to have the slacks custom made.

What kind of slacks are high-waisted slacks?

Blue jeans and casual pants have a looser rise, while suit pants, dress slacks, and chinos are more suitable for high-waist designs.

Dressy slacks drape the leg and feature straight folds or lines.

Pants should fit your figure. Do not visually shorten your legs or make your body look disproportionate.

Should pants be worn over the bowels?

Each person has a personal answer to this question. Many men prefer low-rise slacks for comfort or because they prefer this style. Other men may prefer high-waisted designs for the same reason.

Undoubtedly, the development of a potbelly with age may encourage the habit of pulling up the trousers high to prevent them from falling off with a belt or suspenders.

Wearing trousers below the intestines is more noticeable in heavier or overweight people.

As a result, the trousers are pushed up either below or above the stomach. Particularly in overweight men, a significant increase in abdominal weight can make it appear as if the pants end up below the nipples.

Whatever the reason, the pants should be comfortable while providing a nice look that is neither cramped nor baggy.



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