Arc Flash Personal Protective Equipment Breathability

For an electrician, Australia’s humid climate is difficult enough, let alone wearing a heavy arc flash suit and gloves. However, whenever electrical equipment fails, no matter how hot, workers must wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

After the official launch of “Elliotts Next Generation Arc Flash PPE”I would like to discuss another common issue employees have with PPE: enduring the heat.

If the worker wears an arc flash suit, he or she will be wearing appropriate clothing when performing work where an arc flash may occur. Given that workers are restrictive and wear heavy suits that are uncomfortable and extremely hot, high-pressure scenarios that require complete concentration create additional stress. Even the most experienced electrician is at risk and can lose focus when completing work in the heat. This means workers are at great risk if they do not wear proper protective equipment.

Elliotts PPE is transforming electrical PPE

For over 55 years, Elliotts has been innovating and designing new products to meet the needs of our customers. At Elliotts, we recognize the challenges that exist for electrical workers, and when Ark set out to transform the flash PPE market, he designed a product to solve the problems associated with wearing electrical PPE. We’ve taken your feedback into consideration when it comes to addressing issues by improving weight, comfort and mobility.

Elliotts’ new X50 range introduces a new lightweight system to the market to meet the need for lighter, more comfortable, and easier-to-move suits. In addition to this, we added a new “arc vent” to increase airflow in the hood overall.

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Vented lift front hood with ‘arc vent’ creates more airflow

Elliotts’ ArcSafe X50 Arc Flash Lift Front Switching Hood and ArcSafe X50 Arc Flash Switching Hood are both available with optional Arcvents. These rear ArcVents can be added for additional ventilation, heat and carbon dioxide release, and improved auditory communication.

ArcSafe X50 Arc Flash Lift Front Switching Hood with Arc Vent

ArcSafe X50 Arc Flash Switching Hood with Arc Vent

These ArcSafe® X50 arc flash protective suits are independently tested by Kinectrics to ASTM F2178-08 arc ratings and standard test methods to determine standard specifications for face protection products.

Learn more about Elliott

At Elliotts’, we strive to provide our customers with the most effective protective clothing while always providing comfort. From the innovations above, to the entire ArcSafe X50 series, we provide all users with third-party-tested, cutting-edge protective gear. See the full ArcSafe X50 range here.


If you would like to learn more about our safety products, or need expert advice on safety gear that fits your needs, feel free to contact Elliott Australia. We are happy to help!call me 07 3265 2944 Or send us a message – here.

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