It’s annoying to put on your favorite cowboy boots and realize that your ankles are slouching instead of standing straight.

Bending also creates wrinkles and sloppyness that detracts from the overall look of the boot.

But it’s not that big of an unsolvable problem.

Don’t worry. There are a few things you can do to keep your boots from getting tattered and crumpled.

There are a few things you can do along with simple boot maintenance to make sure your cowboy boots aren’t bent at the ankle.

One of the few ways is to use plastic/metal strips to hold them together or simply use boot bands.

Why do cowboy boots bend at the ankle?

The ankle is narrower than the calf, so the boot flexes well. One way to stop this slouching is to pad the area around the ankle to prevent material from collecting there.

Wear tall, thick socks and tie them around your ankle in a comfortable way to close the space between your skin and the fabric to keep them from bending or wrinkling.

Various Techniques to Keep Cowboy Boots from Bending at the Ankle

1.) Utilize Shoe Trees

Take advantage of shoe trees

Shoe trees are recommended when buying your first pair of nice boots. Especially since it really helps to get rid of the creases that eventually cause the boot to bend in various places.

Stretches the shoe tree to prevent creases.

2.) Look for the right fit

The sides of the boot have a lot of creases that can bend if they are too wide or too big.

The extra space between the upper and the foot causes the leather to bend or crease when walking or standing.

3.) Use adhesive tape to hold them in place.

Buy boot adhesive tape such as. boot stays or boot straps.

boot strap

Simply peel off the protective backing from the adhesive tape and stick it to the inside of the top of your boot.

Adhesive tape can be used to attach the boot to the stocking or trousers to prevent the boot from sliding down and the ankle from slouching.

4.) Use a metal or plastic strip inside the boot.

You can attach a hard metal or plastic strip to the inside of the boot like this: Juvale Folding Boot Shaper Stand.

A plastic strip for attaching something to the inside of the boot near the ankle

These stiff strips adhere tightly to the fabric inside the boot, preventing the material from clumping around the ankle and elsewhere.

You can also use long wooden craft sticks or metal or plastic strips to attach something to the inside of the boot near the ankle.

5.) Use boot bands

use boot bands

Wear boot bands to prevent them from slipping or bending. The boot band he has two parts.

The main part of the snap button is one piece and attaches to the inside of the boot top.

The second part, with the female end of the snap button, is wrapped around the leg just above where the tops of the boot meet.

The pieces snap together to prevent the boot from twisting or falling off.

6.) Cushion your ankle area to prevent slouching.

Since the ankle is narrower than the calf, sagging in the boot is common.

One way to stop this slouching is to pad the area around the ankle to prevent material from collecting there.

Wear tall thick socks and bundle them around your ankle in a comfortable way to close the space between your skin and the fabric.

If your boots are too small and thick socks don’t fit your feet, you can also wrap a piece of cloth around your ankles.

How can I avoid the overall slouching of cowboy boots?

1.) Store each boot on its own shelf.

Do not stack boots under clothing or other items in hallways or on the floor. Please store your boots carefully and secure a place to store them.

Place a piece of cloth between them and lay them flat in your closet. Alternatively, you can use boot clips or binder clips to hang each boot.

2.) Do not use excessive force on the boot.

The less the boot slouches due to worn material, the more careful it needs to be treated.

Avoid tugging, tugging, and rough handling when pulling up on your boots. Instead, try to smoothly insert your foot into the boot.

3.) Put something in the boot to keep it in shape.

If you store your boots upright when not in use, you can purchase a boot shaper to fill in the shape of your boot.

Alternatively, pool noodles can be cut to fit inside a boot or stuffed with newspaper or rolled up magazines.

This prevents the boots from slouching when worn by keeping the boots upright when not worn.

How to avoid wrinkles caused by bending?

1.) Moisten the inside of the boot top. Stuff the boot top with something to keep the top upright. Newspaper is rolled up.

My preference is to use a few large empty Gatorade bottles of 32 oz.

(But you can use anything that fills the shaft of the boot well and maintains the leather’s tension.) Air drying will straighten the top.

2.) When you’re not wearing your boots, you should put something over them to prevent creases. For this reason, many people also use boot savers. This is great for keeping boots upright that have just been put away in the closet.

3.) Rub the alcohol/water solution into the crease. First, mix water and alcohol in a 50/50 ratio. Rub your finger against the crease.

So if the crease is horizontal, rub it vertically.

Then hang it on the shoe tree overnight to dry. You can also use a small amount of leather conditioner, but only if the leather looks dry.

Only a small amount of water and alcohol is required.

How to keep cowboy boots from slouching?

1.) Choose boots that fit well. Boots that are loose around your feet are definitely bulky.

Choose boots that are snug around the calves and ankles, but not too tight at the top. please give me.

2.) Choose boots made of durable materials. You may love the look and feel of soft suede boots, but the suppleness of the material leaves your ankles sagging.

Choose boots made from more durable materials to avoid material caking around the ankle.

The least likely to slouch are boots made of stiff leather or boots that support the ankle.


Cowboy boots tend to bend and slouch due to their height. It cannot be stopped completely. However, there are ways to avoid it and minimize the impact.

Bending interferes with the overall aesthetics of good looking cowboy boots and they usually don’t come cheap. Therefore, it should be kept in mint condition for as long as possible.

We’ve given you some tips to keep your cowboy boots from bending and wrinkling on your ankles and all other parts of your feet.

I hope you found this article useful.



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