Style like you are a fashion creator!

A style that leaves a lasting impression!

These are two thoughts I swear by when it comes to dressing up. is.

So we decided to do this post to share some unique and amazing ideas on how to style your maroon shirt with different jean colors and styles!

A maroon shirt is perfect with white or beige jeans. Maroon is the darker shade in the color palette. Therefore, it should be worn in light shades to complement it and make it stand out.

jeans colors to match maroon shirt

Take fashion to another level with our absolutely amazing idea of ​​styling a maroon shirt and jeans.

1.) Pair a maroon shirt with white jeans

Combining dark and light clothes is considered to be the best option. You can’t go wrong. Complete the look with a black or brown belt and matching watch.

2.) Pair a maroon shirt with beige or cream jeans

Maroon shirt with beige or cream jeans

If staying white seems a little difficult, you can only rely on beige or cream colored jeans. Beige and cream colors catch dirt quickly and make it less noticeable.

Team it with brown ankle-length boots and you’re sure to turn heads.

3.) Wear a maroon shirt with light blue jeans

A maroon shirt and light blue jeans

I think everyone has a pair of light blue jeans in their closet. Take them out and pair them with a maroon shirt with a brown belt and brown boots to kill the show!

4.) Wear a maroon shirt with black jeans

maroon shirt and black jeans

This is also an iconic combination, perfect for office wear and formal parties. Pair it with black boots.

5.) Pair a maroon shirt with light brown jeans

A maroon shirt and light brown jeans

It’s almost like beige, but it pops a bit for special occasions like dates and movie nights where you don’t have to look sober.

6.) Pair a maroon shirt with light or steel gray jeans

Trust me, this is a killer combo and this look is going to turn all heads.

7.) Pair dark blue jeans with a maroon shirt

Maroon shirt and dark blue jeans

It may sound boring now, but believe me on this and try it. Paired with white sneakers, it looks absolutely cool.

8.) Wear a maroon shirt with olive green jeans

maroon shirt and olive green jeans

This is a very rare look that can leave an impression in the minds of many. Pair it with black shoes and black shades and you’re ready to rock.

9.) Pair a maroon shirt with khaki jeans

Perfect for office wear, formal parties and even family dining out. Pair it with your favorite black or brown shoes.

What color jacket or blazer goes well with a maroon shirt?

A maroon shirt is best paired with a jacket that is the same color as the blazer and pants. For example, if you’re wearing white jeans, it’s best to wear a matching white blazer or white jacket.

But if you ask me, the best combinations for maroon shirts are:

      • Maroon shirt, beige pants, beige blazer
      • Maroon shirt, white pants, white blazer
      • Maroon shirt, light blue jeans and denim jacket
      • Maroon shirt, black pants, black blazer
      • Maroon shirt, khaki pants, khaki blazer

And rap!

We hope you enjoy wearing the above styles and shower us with compliments.

Stay tuned for office, casual and party fashion tips.

Take care and wish you a Merry Christmas!



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