We all have different body types and shapes and we dress accordingly.

Some people are slim, some are fat, some have skinny legs and arms, and some have too much meat in their arms and legs.

But the problem of gaps in the back of jeans is, first of all, Waistline smaller than buttocks Also for back movements such as bending or picking up things from the floor. Another reason is not appropriate and badly sewn jeans.

However, there are other facts that contribute to the gap in the back of jeans, and you’ll find them in this article.

And how can I tell you the reason behind your problem and stay away from you? So I also have a solution to cure the gap in the back of your jeans!!! !!

let’s start…..

What causes the gap in the back of jeans?

The waistband of your jeans is too loose for your hip size

Your waist is too big for your jeans waistband size

The fit of jeans is not for you

I have a problem with the seam on the outseam of my jeans

too much flexion

How to fix the gap in the back of jeans

The simple answer to why jeans have a gap in the back is that the fit of the jeans is not right for your body type.

But what is the solution for it?

Let’s see a quick fix.

1. Make a buttonhole and pass the rubber through

Make a buttonhole and thread the elastic band through the jeans

step 1: Use a seam ripper to cut a vertical slot from one pin to the other.

Step 2: Sew the buttonhole. Remember to sew only the first layer of fabric (leaving the lining).

Step 3: Then you’ll need to see the button through the hole using a needle and thread (the thread you’re using should match the color of your pants).

Step 4: Repeat the same steps on the other side of the belt.

Step 5: Next, we need to thread the elastic between the two layers of the belt. A safety pin can help you get the job done.

Step 6: Voila! Pants that fit perfectly without gaps in the back are complete!

2. Take your jeans to the tailor

If you’re unsure of the procedure, it’s a good idea to take your jeans straight to a tailor without trying them on.

3. Put darts in the back of your jeans

put darts in the back of jeans

step 1: Put on your jeans and start collecting all the excess fabric in the back of your jeans. Then take pins and press them down to crease the excess fabric so you can’t see any gaps.

Step 2: Take off your jeans and start measuring the pin-created darts. You can use chalk or markers.

Note: If the dart is less than half an inch wide, you can easily sew the dart using a needle and thread just next to the back side seam of the jeans.

If the darts are wide, it is better to sew the darts to the center back of the belt.

Step 3: Use a seam ripper or scissors and needle to remove the pass (logo) on the back of the jeans.

Step 4: Sew the dart so that the seam goes all the way to the edge of the dart. Use cotton thread that matches the color of your jeans.

Step 5: Press the seam flat while stitching so that the excess fabric is pushed toward the center of the back.

Step 6: Feel comfortable wearing jeans and forget about the gap in the back of your jeans in the future.

4. Solutions for women

Wearing a tight belt to correct the gap in the back of your jeans can create another problem.

So an easy way is to run two separate bands on each side of your belt loop and tie them on each side. This straightens the back, eliminates gaps, and makes the front of the jeans look even.

5. Wear jeans and a long shirt with a jacket

Wearing long jeans hides the gaps in your jeans and makes them inconspicuous. In fact, this is the quickest and easiest hack to fix the gap in the back of your jeans.

And rap!

We hope you can solve the problem of the embarrassing gap in the back of your jeans. If so, stay tuned for more on fashion and workwear and their easy fixes.

Until then, take care of yourself and have a wonderful year.

I wish you all the best and prosperity in the new year.



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