Coatings and finishes for different types of safety gloves

With over 50 years of experience in designing safety gloves, Elliotts uses state-of-the-art high tech fabrics and engineering with a wide range of glove and palm coatings and finishes. Elliotts engineered gloves fit any work environment. This blog will outline the features and benefits of each of these coatings and finishes to help you choose the right glove for yourself or your customers.


Nitrile has a wide range of uses due to its high strength and non-allergic reactions. It has excellent puncture resistance, tear resistance, and is resistant to water and oil, making it suitable for handling small oily parts. Nitrile works well at temperatures ranging from -4°C to 149°C.


The T-Touch coating is a proprietary, breathable nitrile foam that provides a level of performance focused on wearer comfort. The T-Touch is extremely flexible and soft, yet offers excellent abrasion resistant grip, especially in oily conditions. The breathable foam coating provides a high level of breathability that minimizes perspiration and increases wearer comfort.G-Flex T-Touch Hi-Vis Gloves

• Highly breathable nitrile micro foam finish.

• Extremely soft and comfortable.

• Good grip in wet and oily conditions.


Sandstorm Coating is a unique breathable nitrile foam coating with a sandy finish. When the Sandstorm coating comes in contact with smooth, oily surfaces, the unique honeycomb surface absorbs oil for better grip. Gloves with Sandstorm coating offer excellent puncture, snag, tear, abrasion and cut resistance and are oil resistant, making them ideal for handling small oily parts.G-Flex SandStorm Technical Safety Gloves

• Sandy nitrile foam finish.

• Flexible, abrasion and puncture resistant.

• Repels oils, greases, animal fats and many solvents.

• Finish acts like a sponge to improve grip.

air touch

The AirTouch coating is a proprietary nitrile foam micro finish. The AirTouch micro surface is infused with thousands of tiny bubbles that act like suction cups, soaking up and absorbing oil but limiting the coating from penetrating your hands.G-Flex AirTouch GP Gloves

• Nitrile foam micro finish.

• High level of dexterity and very breathable.

• Extremely soft material for maximum comfort.

• Lower penetration rate than foam nitrile.

• Performs well in dry conditions, but performs best in wet conditions.


Nitrile keeps hands dry as the smooth coating provides the wearer with an excellent dry grip and no liquid is absorbed through the coating.ELLGARD Ultra Light Nitrile Gloves

• Smooth finish.

• High level of dexterity and very soft.

• Works in wet and dry conditions.


Latex is very elastic, flexible, soft, yet tough and durable, and can be used as a coating to protect against cuts, stabs, cuts and other physical hazards and to provide excellent grip. .

• Smooth or wrinkled finish.G-Flex Red Devil Safety Gloves

• Very high resilience and grip.

• Flexible and able to withstand abrasion and punctures.

• Provides protection against alcohol and some ketones.

• Not recommended for use with hydrocarbons and organic solvents, including gasoline.

• Works well in extreme temperatures.

Caution: Products containing natural rubber latex may cause allergic reactions in some people.

Polyurethane (PU)

Polyurethane-coated gloves are ideal for handling small parts that require a high degree of dexterity. Polyurethane provides excellent grip, puncture and abrasion resistance and protects against oils, fats and greases. Because polyurethane is soft and flexible, very thin coatings can be applied, providing excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity.G-Flex Lite Polyurethane Safety Gloves

• Smooth finish.

• Non-sticky, anti-fluff, and excellent grip.

• Highly breathable due to its microporous nature, providing breathability to the hands.

• Resistance to abrasion, abrasion, tearing, harsh oils and chemicals.

• Does not harden in the cold and does not soften in the heat.

• Coatings can be made very thin, soft and flexible, offering excellent dexterity and touch sensitivity.

• Best performance in dry conditions.


ChemVex 7100 PVC Handling GlovesPolyvinyl chloride (PVC) offers excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility at low temperatures, and excellent resistance to resins and adhesives. PVC also holds up well in the presence of water, most aqueous solutions, detergents, dilute bases and acids.

PVC does not cause allergic reactions and is stronger than latex or nitrile. PVC does not stick to PVC, such as woodworking, making it ideal for work applications where glue/adhesives are used. PVC remains flexible even at low temperatures, making these gloves ideal for colder weather.

• Smooth or rough finish.

• Great option for glue/adhesive handling.

• Great for cold weather.

• Excellent abrasion resistance.


ChemVex NX20 Thermal and Chemical GlovesNeoprene is highly abrasion and cut resistant and is often used when rugged protection is required. Neoprene is resistant to deterioration, so gloves made from this material usually last a long time. Due to its high level of chemical stability, neoprene is resistant to a wide variety of acids, oils, solvents and corrosives. Neoprene is also flame retardant and heat resistant. Neoprene gloves are often used in applications requiring chemical, heat and flame resistance.

• Smooth or rough finish.

• Resistant to various acids, oils, solvents and corrosives.

• Excellent grip in all dry, oily and wet conditions.

• Excellent flame resistance.

Each of these coatings and finishes have their own unique features and benefits, and knowing which coating or finish is best for the job a customer performs is critical in choosing the perfect glove.

Now that you’ve learned more about Elliotts gloves and palm coatings and finishes, have you decided which gloves are best for you or your customers? View our range G-Flex Technical Gloves When liquid pvc chemical gloves.


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