If you live in a country with a cold climate, you know the importance of waterproof insulated boots. It’s the most important part of your outfit to keep you warm and your feet dry.

But what if someone has sweaty feet?

If you are sweating, you should not wear waterproof and insulated boots because waterproof and insulated boots are not breathable at all, restricting the air flow inside the boot, making your feet sweat a lot and making your feet even colder. Not recommended. .

And if you live in a hotter part of the world, why on earth would you want to wear waterproof insulated boots all year round!

Still, for our cold-weather friends, here are some exciting lifehacks to keep your feet from getting sweaty while wearing waterproof insulation.

Let’s learn about them soon…

Should I wear waterproof and insulated boots for my sweaty feet?

If your feet are sweaty, wearing waterproof insulated boots is silly, even if you live in a cold or hot country. Because wearing waterproof and insulated boots will definitely cause the following problems for your feet:

1.) Waterproof insulated boots are not breathable at all

Waterproof and insulated boots are completely non-breathable, making your feet sweat even more. Is the same.

2.) Waterproof boots keep moisture out of your feet

Waterproof boots also have no holes, so moisture and sweat from your feet can’t escape into the boot.

3.) Waterproof and insulated boots are not suitable for hot weather

If you live in a hotter part of the world and try to wear waterproof insulated boots, your feet will get warm and sweat like hell. Better avoid it.

4.) Waterproof insulated boots cause blisters and rashes on feet

Like I said, wearing waterproof insulated boots will make your feet sweat, and if that sweat stays on your feet all day, you’ll end up with rashes and blisters.

5.) Waterproof insulated boots make your feet smell a lot

The perspiration from your feet also makes your feet and boots smelly when you get home.

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How to wear waterproof insulated boots without sweating your feet

What if weather conditions require you to wear waterproof insulated boots? For example, he has to walk in the snow for a day and has no way of escaping with his shoes on.

In those situations, it’s actually possible to keep your feet sweat-free, even with waterproof insulated boots.

1.) Wear moisture-wicking socks

With moisture-wicking socks, the warm padding inside the insulated boots not only makes you feel lighter, but also absorbs sweat from your feet.

2.) Wear insoles

A sockliner wicks moisture away from your feet to help keep you dry all day long.

3.) Powder your feet and boots

The powder absorbs sweat and greatly controls sweat. Give it a try before you put your boots on next time.

4.) Spray antiperspirant

Just like antiperspirants work against underarm sweat, they also stop the production of sweat on your feet, keeping you odorless all day long.

5.) Try absorbent shoe inserts

These days there are a lot of shoe insoles that help absorb sweat, and you can take them out on the weekend and give them a thorough wash. amazon.com.

6.) Wear it between work if possible

Take off your boots when you take a break from work. Help your feet breathe and dry your feet and boots for a while.

And rap!

Finally, I would like to make the final decision that waterproof insulated boots are not for people with sweaty feet. Instead, opt for breathable boots with breathable mesh linings.

If you still want to wear them for whatever reason, try the hack above. I’m sure it will help a lot in keeping sweat in check!

On that note, we say goodbye for today and see you soon in the next post.

Until then, let’s walk carefully!



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