Top Safety Tips for a Safe Christmas

With the festive season just around the corner, most Australians are turning their attention to decorating and Christmas parties. For many of us, that means doubling his electric bill, hanging lights in every nook and cranny indoors and outdoors, and hosting pool parties and family barbecues. Here are some tips for a safe Christmas.

This is the basic of Christmas illumination!

  • It’s unplugged and untangles the lights while you’re on the ground.
  • Make sure there are no crimps and no bare wires in the cable before applying power.
  • Do not suspend the light with tacks or nails. Use insulated hangers.
  • Do not overload or double power bars or outlets.
  • Do not leave the light on while sleeping or going out.
  • Turn off roof and tree lights during storms.

Check out this blog for basic safety tips to make sure your Christmas lights are safe. Use safe Christmas lights

outside light

First, a few words about ladder safety. Hanging Christmas he lights around roofs, gutters and porticoes has become very fashionable in recent years, but safety concerns especially since most of us don’t use ladders regularly. occurs.

  • Ladders must meet Australian safety standards and be suitable for the job. Never balance to reach for a ladder or raised surface on a table.
  • If your ladder only comes out a few times a year, check it closely for rust and missing rungs.
  • Only use ladders if you are physically able to do so.
  • Always place the ladder on a flat, stable surface. Consider using ladder safety equipment such as leg levelers, non-slip gutter guards, and stabilizers.
  • Always maintain three-point contact with the ladder. This means that both hands and one foot or both hands and both feet and one hand are always on the ladder.
  • Never lean on or reach over a ladder while it is in use, no matter how attractive it may be.
  • Do not climb or work beyond the penultimate rung of a ladder. Also, do not step over the top of the A-frame ladder.
  • When you get off, keep facing the ladder and climb to the bottom step before getting off.

pool area

When it comes to Christmas lights in the pool area, I have only one piece of advice to offer. don’t do that! Installing lights around and over the pool area might look nice, but it’s just too risky to really be worth it. Our best suggestion is to keep all lights outside the pool fence and never wrap strings of lights around the pool fence.

around the barbecue

Outdoor entertainment areas are the perfect place to show off your decorating skills.All-weather, even if your outdoors are covered Light is the way to go! Keep extra power bars and extension leads off the floor and away from spills and drips.

Keep unreachable string lights, especially Japanese lantern strings, away from your barbecue. If your grill lacks lighting, we recommend professionally installed task lighting.

tree and decoration

If you bring out the same old artificial trees and ornaments year after year, it’s worth checking whether they meet fire safety standards. When buying new trees, tinsel or other decorations, ask the store what material they are made from. Many cheap imports do not meet Australian safety standards because they use materials that are flame retardant or non-combustible.

Real trees have their own issues to make sure all lights are away from the water if the tree is placed in a holder with a reservoir. Always unplug the lights before watering the tree.

Finally, a quick word about the little fluffy members of your family:

It’s no surprise that little kids are obsessed with Christmas decorations. If you have small parts or fragile glass ornaments that could be a choking hazard, keep them out of reach and keep small children away from the Christmas tree at all times.

Cats love Christmas lights and decorations, but climbing and pulling trees can pose a safety hazard.

Keep chocolate decorations and gifts out of your dog’s reach. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and you don’t want to spend Christmas Day at the vet! If possible, consider keeping your pet out of the tree when you’re out.

Have a happy and safe holiday season. From the Elliott team!


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