The difference between compliant and certified safety gloves

Hand and wrist injuries are among the most common work-related injuries. So it’s easy to understand why proper hand protection is so important. At Elliott, we believe in raising the bar on hand protection and helping organizations keep their employees safe. To this end, we have put together some information about the difference between safety glove certification and compliance, and why it is important for organizations to know the difference.


We often see safety products claiming “compliance” with a standard, or claiming that the product was “manufactured to meet” the requirements of the standard. The problem with this is that the product complies with the manufacturer’s standards. When a product is labeled as compliant, it has often not been evaluated by a third party to ensure it meets the required standards.

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If a safety glove is certified, the manufacturer has an independent third party (such as SAI Global) validate the product to meet a wide range of standards. Certified products are clearly identifiable, often with the certification body’s trademark logo on the label.

The third party that provides the certification verifies that the product meets the requirements in the following ways:

  • Type test product sample.
  • On-site factory evaluation of manufacturing facilities.
  • Annual factory surveillance audits that check manufacturing facilities to ensure maintenance is in place.
  • Continuous type testing where product samples are retested periodically.

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Ensuring that safety gloves are not only labeled as compliant, but certified, gives employees peace of mind that they are equipped with high-quality, effective protective equipment. increase.


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