Elliotts BlastMat Arc Suppression Blanket

An arc flash is a current that flows through air when the insulation or insulation between charged conductors is no longer sufficient to withstand the applied voltage. The extremely high temperatures of these arcs, approximately four times the temperature of the surface of the Sun, can instantly ignite clothing and cause severe burns to human skin at great distances from the event. There is a nature.

In our blog post, What You Need to Know About Arc FlashNow that we’ve covered some of the common PPEs that workers should use, we’d like to introduce a PPE, an arc suppressing blanket, that can help workers protect themselves from arc flash burns.

What is an arc suppressing blanket?

Arc suppression blankets, also known as blast suppression blankets, are designed to protect workers from potential arc flashes in situations where energized electrical components are present. These blankets can reduce the hazards from both the thermal radiation generated from the arc flash itself and the pressure waves from the arc blast.

How do arc suppression blankets work?

Arc suppression blankets can force the edge of the blanket to move before the flash reaches the worker. This allows for greater cooling as the plasma arc cools further away from the fault.

When properly installed, arc suppression blankets can redirect most of the arc blast energy to a safe location. To provide maximum protection, the largest arc suppressing blanket possible should be used.

The effectiveness of these blankets depends on three factors: the material used, the construction of the blanket, and its installation. Insufficiency in any of these areas sacrifices the quality of protection.

What is the Elliotts BlastMat made of?

BlastMat arc suppression blankets are available in two different constructions.

  1. 4 Layer Lightline Style Blanket (15KA & 25KA Applications)
  2. 7-ply regular line style blanket (40KA application).

The construction is based on an outer layer of aramid blend that manages flame, dirt and other surface contamination, and an inner layer of specially treated ballistic fabric.

This aramid system combination is quilted together with aramid yarn. Grommets/eyelets are set in the reinforced hem to accommodate rated straps, and a carabiner is used to secure the blanket.

Has BlastMat been tested according to standards?

Elliotts Arc Suppression Blankets are tested to American Standard โ€“ ASTM F2676, Test Method for Determining Protective Performance of Arc Protection Blankets Against Electrical Arc Hazards. This standard offers his three levels of certification: 15KA, 25KA and 40KA.

Elliotts Blast Mat

BlastMat Arc Suppression Blanket - Specifications


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