Difference between para-aramid fiber and meta-aramid fiber

Both para-aramid and meta-aramid fibers are used to make personal protective equipment (PPE), but in different products.

para-aramid fiber

Para-aramid fibers are often used to make protective gloves due to their high tensile strength. Interestingly, para-aramid can withstand maximum stress better than any other material. This is because the fibers are made by a dry-jet wet-spinning process, resulting in fibers composed of fully extended liquid crystal chains formed along the fiber axis with a high degree of crystallinity that enhances the strength of the fiber. is. The most common para-aramid product is Kevlar.

meta-aramid fiber

meta-aramid fiber

Meta-aramid differs from para-aramid in that the fibers are usually produced by spinning in a chemical solution known as wet spinning. The result is a semi-crystalline fiber in which the molecular chains are partially oriented along the fiber axis. Meta-aramids are often used in protective clothing for firefighters and other first responders due to their high resistance to temperature, chemical degradation and abrasion. The most commonly known product of meta-aramid is Nomex.

These two fibers, though very different, have helped save lives around the world.


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