Summary of the best fabrics and materials for foundry PPE

Effective PPE is paramount in foundries where workers are exposed to extreme heat and harsh environments. There are a variety of fabrics and materials designed for industry use. We have compiled the most suitable materials and their advantages.

refreshment space

Refrespace technology is a unique aluminizing process that provides the best molten metal splash protection available today. Reflespace’s aluminized fabric incorporates the latest research and development to provide the ideal combination of protection, durability and comfort. This range of aluminized fabrics is specifically designed for Personal Protective Equipment Level 4: “High Risk and Extreme Exposure to Radiant Heat”.

TBA aluminized fabric

TBA’s aluminized fabrics are widely used in the production of protective clothing such as gloves, mitts, aprons, jackets, trousers and fire fighting suits. They are used within the industry to protect workers from heat and welding splashes. We can provide a variety of base fabrics depending on the application.

Carbon X aluminum fleece

Unlike other hard and heavy aluminized fabrics, CarbonX with Z-Flex Aluminized improves both protection and comfort for professionals working in molten metal and high heat environments. CarbonX aluminizing solutions are flexible and lightweight yet offer the highest heat resistance and exceptional protection against molten metal splashes. In fact, they are one of the lightest materials on the market and have passed ASTM F955 injection tests for molten iron and aluminum.

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Non-Aluminum: Oasis Furnace Fabric

TenCate Oasis is an innovative protective fabric with incredible softness, lightweight feel and flexibility. Designed to provide superior protection against molten metal splash, radiant heat, flames and other smelting hazards. Excellent value and heat resistance, the best choice among metal shedding fabrics, chosen by leading aluminum manufacturers worldwide for its protection, comfort and durability.

Non-Aluminum: PR97 Furnace Fabric

PR97 is the leading internationally recognized brand of flame retardant fabrics specifically designed to shed molten aluminum and molten iron splashes to international performance standard ISO 11612 without harming human skin. Provides comfort and superior protection for personnel at risk of .

Welded Wool Foundry CoatThe PR97 fabric is also very effective at shedding molten cryolite. PR97 fabric provides protection against radiant heat, convective heat and electric arc flash.

Non-Aluminum: CarbonX Repel

CarbonX Repel is designed to protect against multiple hazards in one garment. By adding a proprietary compound to the fiber blend, Repel significantly repels molten metals, certain chemicals, flammable liquids and other molten materials while providing exceptional protection against extreme heat and open flames. Sparks and flying debris simply roll off the fabric.

Non-Aluminum: Welding Wool

Due to the structure of wool fibres, wool needs more oxygen than air to become flammable. Wool is therefore an excellent fiber when it comes to fire protection. Also, it won’t melt, drip, or stick to your skin even if you get burned.

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