Importance of hand protection in the workplace

“It is a common misconception that all personal safety items, including gloves, are subject to and must meet all mandatory standards in force in Australia. Some manufacturers choose not to apply certification to their manufacturing processes because they are not certified, and as a result, products designed to keep you safe may not always perform as expected.”

Richard Donnersky
Team Leader – Health and Safety
Product Service – Warranty Service

Accidents leading to hand and wrist impacts, injuries, lost working hours and stress for the families of the injured are commonplace in the Australian oil and gas industry. Therefore, it is imperative that both employees and employers remember the important role that PPE plays. Gloves in particular, because your hands are a vital tool and they don’t come with spare parts.

Elliotts Mec-Flex Glove Range

That is why Elliott, a manufacturer of quality safety gear for over 40 years, has spent the past two years working tirelessly with Richard Donalski and the SAI Global team to ensure that all Elliott oil and gas specific impact protection gloves are Mec Obtained from – Flex range, independently certified to AS/NZS2161.3:2005 standard.

The Mec-Flex® Oiler Series is specifically designed to protect the wearer from impact injuries, bruises, and pinched fingers in the oil & gas and mining industries, with a palm design that provides grip, tear strength, and excellent Provides excellent abrasion resistance and provides excellent hand and finger protection. resistance.

mec flex oiler – An “all-rounder” glove for oil & gas and mining

Elliotts Mec-Flex Oiler Pro Gloves

Mec-Flex Oiler Pro – Highest level of abrasion, cut (level 5) and tear resistance.

Personal protective equipment is therefore not the first but last line of defense against hazards in many industries and is most effective when applied correctly to the hierarchy of controls and strategies that workplaces implement to protect workers. Please remember that


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