Elliotts have weld protection suitable for all types of welders.

Elliotts continues to lead in protective clothing for welders, offering a wide range of welder clothing made from a variety of fabrics to meet the safety needs of welders in all types of environments. Whether working MIG, TIG or stick welding, indoors, outdoors, in confined spaces or at heights, they provide the protection you need. With so many choices, choosing the best one isn’t always easy.

Elliotts has five different ranges of personal welding clothing suitable for all levels of welding, whether it is a light, medium or heavy welding application.

Golden Chief®

All GOLDEN CHIEF leather welding apparel is crafted using carefully selected GOLDEN CHIEF® leather. GOLDEN CHIEF® Pigskin Leather is heat, spark, slag and cut resistant and is tanned to ensure softness and durability. Pig leather is lighter than traditional cow split leather. Pigskin is known for its elasticity and withstands exposure to moisture well. Pigskin offers the best breathability due to the porous texture of this hide and is soft with use.

For rugged weld protection, GOLDEN CHIEF® sets a high standard for style and protection.of GOLDEN CHIEF® WELDING APPAREL RANGE Includes jacket, jacket with bolero, sleeves, spats and apron.

Big Red®

Big Red Welding Welders JacketAll BIG RED® leather welding apparel is made using the famous BIG RED® leather. BIG RED® leather is chrome tanned and resistant to heat, sparks, slag and cuts, ensuring softness and durability.

For rugged weld protection, BIG RED® continues to set the standard for quality, long-lasting products in the industry.of Range of BIG RED® welding apparel There is a jacket and a jacket with reflective tape, both with safety harness access points, hood, sleeves, spats, apron and trousers (both full seat and seatless).

High visibility

Proban Hi Vis Welding JacketFor lighter weld protection, or where heat and humidity are workplace hazards, safe-to-wear, flame-retardant (FR) cotton clothing is ideal.

Elliotts FR Cotton Welding Garments excel in the key areas of flame resistance, heat protection, comfort and durability. Elliotts FR Cotom Welding apparel is made using Proban®, Wakatac®, and FR Cotton.

PROBAN® polymers are included on the OEKO-TEX® list of approved chemicals. Elliotts’ products pass his OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 “Textile Trust” which proves the skin-friendliness of the final product.

OEKO-TEX® testing for hazardous substances always focuses on the actual use of the fabric.

of Flame Retardant Cotton Range Includes; jacket, leather sleeve jacket, safety harness access point jacket, reflective tape jacket.

Blue Max®

Blue Max Welding JacketElliotts Blue Max® Chrome Leather Series strikes a balance between durability, abrasion resistance, resistance and flexibility. This value-for-money leather offers excellent comfort and overall performance.

our Blue Max® Chrome Leather Series is one of the most comprehensive ranges available for welders. The Blue Max® range includes: Jackets, sleeves, hoods, bibs, caps, aprons, knee pads, spats, leggings. The scope also includes the production of jackets and hoods with PROBAN®.


WAKATAC welding jacket with safety harnessWAKATAC® Welding Apparel is the leading brand of FR Cotton Welding Apparel. Unique his WAKATAC® PROBAN and ergonomic design ensure comfort and protection. His WAKATAC® range of Proban® Welding apparel focuses on providing lightweight, cool and comfortable protection for welders. This range is ideal for lighter welding applications and where hot and humid conditions can cause thermal stress.

of Range of WAKATAC® welding apparel Includes jacket, jacket with leather sleeves, jacket with safety harness access points, hood, sleeves and trousers.


If you would like to learn more about our safety products or need expert advice on safety gear that suits your needs, feel free to contact Elliott Australia. We are happy to help!call me 07 3265 2944 Or send us a message – hereSee our full range of welding safety equipment – here.

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